Lockdown: Reflection On Man’s Concern In Life

By Abdulwarees Solanke

What should be Man’s Immediate Need and his Ultimate Concern?

Under this lockdown, my reflection contained in the above question derives from the transition of a beloved boss and brother two days after a hearty conversation online with him.

I lost this brotherly boss, an indigene of Mubi, Adamawa North, two days after a facebook messenger conversation.

My last encounter with him online was was two days before his death. I had seen his birthday wish on the Facebook wall of a colleague and decided to chat him on Messenger.

He had chatted me on similar occasion circumstance three years earlier when I clocked 50 in 2016.

Danjuma on Facebook messenger on November 21 2016 to me:

Happy birthday warees. May Allah show you more and more of this day with joy and Happiness. AMEEN.

Thanks sir. May u be blèssed in greater proportion


Then on Sunday I greeted him.

Mallam Danjuma Mana! Assalaamu Alaekum

Waalaikumus Salam my SA in the making , In Sha Allah

I’m honoured! You still have me in mind just like Mallam Jijiwa holds me in high esteem? I must come and take Adamawa citizenship because of your high regard for me. It’s in Adamawa I can say I began real journalism as National Concord Correspondent in 1990.
I pray you reach your dream. And if Allah designs it to be something of ibaadah and honour in his presence, we pray he gives us life, knowledge, wisdom and abundance of talent to support it’s materialization.

Ameen ya Rabbi. Don’t forget to pray for good health and prosperity. Thank you Warees. Stay home. This pandemic is truly a killer.

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It’s true. May Allah not deny us these

We also pray He gives us the grace of repentance, the mercy forgiveness, ease of ibaadat and opportunities for gratitude.

May He also grant us the GRACE OF THE NIGHT, an opportune time to stand up to pray and cry unto Him to save us from the fitnah Dajjal and Jahannam

Ameen ya Rabbi. Thank you

His death two days after this conversation is indeed shocking.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaehi roojiuuna

Following the death of this boss who retired from VON in 2015, I had sent some colleagues the question that forms my theme.

Was it a needless question or my contacts were too preoccupied under the COVID 19 Lockdown to spare me their thought?

I just wanted pondered on life with the simple question to which only my philosopher-counsellor gave me an insight.

Man needs Allah through the understanding of the difference between necessity and essential, whereby he is not going to lose his main focus during his search for the livelihood of his nuclear and extended family

By so doing it will dawn on him what are to be his ultimate concern which is just …..liberation in all ramifications..by means of training and guiding

Alhamdulillah. You’re giving depth. What is the necessity? What is the essential? What are the differences?

Philosopher-Counsellor: So what do you want me to do now? Is it explaining necessity and essential, or advising on your relationship with this man?

Not on relationship oo. I just take a cue from his death. Death should always be a reminder of the essential and necessity

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Three pages of each human book handed to him from Allah stated in Q17.13…..
And every man’s augury have We fastened to his own neck, and We shall bring forth for him on the Day of Resurrection a book which he will find wide open.

The first and last page cannot be edited or changed by you, me or anyone… so the necessity or essential issue in both don’t arise, but the middle page(s) are where you have to understand the usage of real essential that are only addendum to your existence.

If they are available, it makes life smooth and fine, but if they are not available it doesn’t debar you from existing and living, which tells you that you must still continue the struggle towards making the necessity a reality

The necessity here is the soul, that has to be adequately protected in the three arms zone, moral, spiritual and physical.

These are not materials but wealth if acquired makes you attain that innermost conviction of true existence.

The last necessity is what you give which also is not probably material..liberation through guidance…shikenan

Only the Deep calls to the Deep. In my last days at Unilag, that is some 32 years ago today I came to an awareness that

You have given elucidation my awareness which my wife indeed asked an artist to sculpt or inscribe on a frame for her and we used to hang in our small parlour at Abule Odu in the early years of our marriage.

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May Allah continue to increase Sheikh Suleiman Abdulrahman Adangba in depth of knowledge and wisdom for his elucidation on Man’s Immediate Need and Ultimate Concern which he clarified as The Essential and The Necessity.

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