Coronavirus: No Checks At Train Station, Motor Parks 

Despite recording the first case of Coronavirus on Thursday, there are no checks on passengers of the Abuja- Kaduna train, checks revealed. 
Also, passengers boarding at motor parks in the country are not screen as no single health personnel has been seen in any of the parks around.
Even though just few Nigerians are seen with ‘N95,’ an instrument used for covering mouth and nose to prevent the Covid- 19, awareness concerning the coronavirus seem to be poor, despite funds released by the Federal Government to fight the scourge.
N386 million was released by the federal government about two weeks ago for coronavirus prevention.
With such provision, no serious measures were put in place by authorities before the arrival of a 44-year-old Italian midnight of Monday, 24th February, 2020.
The federal government in collaboration with some states launched a search for other people that had contact with the Italian onboard the aircraft from Milan, haven quarantined over 100 people the foreigner had contact with in both Lagos and Ogun states.
While many of the people the Italian had contact with might have moved into different destinations in the country, there are concern over the porous nature of the Nigerian train station and motor parks.
During a visit to the Abuja-Kaduna train stations located in Idu and Kubwa in Abuja and Rigasa in Kaduna state on Sunday, there was no single health personnel seen around.
“Just check around, you can’t just find any health measure taken here. No sanitizer neither a health worker that can screen the people,” a passenger, Adamu Lawal, said.
He said even though there is no cause for panic over the coronavirus outbreak and the record of a first case in Lagos, the passenger said there ought to be a kind of screening in most of the public places.
“You know our country now. We don’t just take things serious. The screening should not just take place at the airports alone. There should be a thorough check both at the land and the sea borders.
“There should also be a kind of screening at the major motor parks and the train station,” another passenger, Elisha  Bulus said, insisting that Nigeria must not wait until those quarantined test positive before the country will start running around.
Most Nigerians who spoke to Elanza News expressed concern over the porous nature of some public places especially the motor parks and train station that have no health workers to screen passengers against the coronavirus.
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