Coping With Anxiety In The Face Of Covid-19

People are likely to suffer anxiety in 5 different ways. We shall pick one at a time and suggest how best to cope with it so it doesn’t go out of hand when COVID 19 ends.
Many people are likely to worry about everything and become angry with everyone this period. Little things may offend and agitate them. They may begin to worry about the mistakes they made yesterday, perhaps by not getting enough money or foodstuff at home; they may become engrossed by the uncertainty of tomorrow by thinking that the coronavirus issue won’t end anytime soon; they may find themselves worrying so much about how much they worry which affects every aspect of their lives. These are symptoms of GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER. This is a way to cope with this feeling: Heave a huge sigh and tell yourself what is happening to you is beyond your control else you would have controlled it then assure yourself that just like it came, it will surely go and when it goes away, you won’t let such situation befall you again.
Look forward to its end so you can start preparing for the future. Know too that worrying cannot solve the situation and put your hope in a Being that can take away the worry. Do not let your mind play pranks on you by accusing you of not doing enough prior to the emergence of the situation. Coronavirus has a short lifespan but your lifespan is long.
The fear of contracting COVID 19 has made many people become paranoid-they suspect every move people make and everything else especially normal cough and sneeze, thus they create social distance where there shouldn’t be. Such people become terrified and tensed, become agitated and tremble when they see people or crowd. While this is a normal response occasioned by the present situation, such people may suffer PANIC DISODER which is a kind of anxiety disorder. This is a suggestion: when you are going to face strangers or crowd, hold a piece of handkerchief or tissue paper to use to cover your face when someone sneezes or coughs unexpectedly. This may be in addition to the nose mask. Heave a sigh to relax then quickly leave the place. When you get home, dispose what you covered your face with and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water then sanitize them. Be forearmed. Truth is, we must meet people this period and since those affected do not wear badges to announce their presence like the lepers of old, we must prepare to stave the confusion when it comes. Panic can cause shock that may be devastating. Remember, coronavirus has a short lifespan, ours is long.
In the next edition, we shall look at the remaining 3 kinds of anxiety disorders that people are likely to experience this period.

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