Have you felt lately that just by thinking about going out to public places bring you discomfort? It’s not actually going out but planning to go out.

Have you watched or listened to news and after seeing corpses or hearing about death toll due to COVID 19 and you feel terrible and begin to imagine your dying moment?
These are characteristic behaviors of the onset of agoraphobia and thanatophobia respectively. These two are some kind of anxiety disorders known as PHOBIC DISORDERS. If these are not checked, people who entertain fear may become stuck when coronavirus recedes.
Elizabeth Kubler Rose, in her book, “Encountering Death and Dying” said she’s not afraid of dying but to be killed. Everybody will die someday but not everybody will be killed and COVID 19 kills but not those who follow safety tips by the NCDC, WHO, and other health authorities in the fight against COVID 19.
Anytime fear of going out or fear of death grips you, tell yourself, you won’t be killed. Heave a sigh, calm down and go about your normal activities in a controlled environment bearing in mind that COVID 19 has a short lifespan but yours is long.
Consider this occasion. I had to go out and when I returned, I washed my hands with soap and clean running water and then sanitized them. But when I wanted to have lunch, I washed again not because of germs in my hands but because I thought I didn’t wash when I returned.
This apply to any other situation. People may engage in unnecessary repeated behavior because they’re getting used to cleaning. The constant thought that something needs to be cleaned up and constantly cleaning it even when there is no need to do so is characteristics of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDERS which is a kind of anxiety disorders.
Although washing of hands and cleaning surfaces is customary this period, mind it so that irrational fear won’t overwhelm you to get you stuck in the brain that even after the coronavirus you’ll find yourself in obsession and compulsion to wash and to clean.
Often pressure mounts within you before you do so. Try this: heave a sigh, calm yourself, think of a necessity of what the pressure requires of you then wash/clean as you may and settle for the routine.
The year 2020 will most definitely become historical but while many people will see it as a year that threatened international health and wellbeing, many others may see it as a year that threatened life and living entirely. Unfortunately for the latter group of people, they may thus be diagnosed with PTSD another kind of anxiety disorder which makes it the fifth kind of anxiety disorder we have discussed here and actually the 5 kinds of anxiety disorders recorded in DSM5, a manual used by Psychiatrists and Psychologists to diagnose mental disorders. PTSD have numerous characteristics, some of which are reliving the awful experience and have dreams and flashbacks of the events.

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