Conversation With The Philosopher

By AbdulWarees SOLANKE

Conversation with the philosopher is a series of dialogue between student and Philosophers, Sheikhs, Ulamas, Teachers,Mentors and people during extraordinary. So in today’s episode is conversation between a Sheikh and his student.

When man acquires what he considers wealth, this is when his desperation becomes heightened

I therefore also come to an awareness that the height of Man’s ambition accounts for his desperation and is ultimately responsible for the depth of his Depression.

Sheikh :
Man’s capacity for leadership is determined by the strength of his wealth to manage the three God given resources, they are human, mineral and natural resources…. cash wealth or liquid wealth is just a tool out of the 7 needed tools.

Student: Hmmm. The paradox of this is most of mankind do not exert or develop themselves to discover these truths. It would therefore seem to me that that man cannot attain true leadership until he develops his capacities to the point of discovering those vitals.

Those who were schemed or who schemed themselves into leadership are therefore failures or insecure and so have to depend on other forces, usually lesser forces to survive or sustain themselves.

The true leader does not crave for office nor is he fearful of losing office or power because he knows that these are transient, even burdensome.

And as you noted, liberation through guidance is a wealth that is not material.

One verse of the Quran that often fascinates is

In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of the day and the night, indeed are signs for men of understanding……….


I’ll continue my conversation with Sheikh Suleiman Abdulrahman Adangba in the next two days

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