By Abdulwarees Solanke

On the Unity of Humanity

I ponder on several aayah of the Quran and the one that fascinates me today talks about the essence of diversity of humanity as just identity, and not for unhealthy rivalry. That verse however anchors superiority among mankind on Taqwah. Significantly, Taqwah is a matter the soul which only Allah has the perfect measure.

In the age of proliferation of religion, how can this observation guide the orientation of a Muslim in matters of religion?

This is a discourse needed for healthy growth and it is attached to our psychology.
Psychology being an act attached to the MIND, where our EMOTIONS are triggered, that will in turn trigger OUR ACTIONS, thus, anything attached to that psychology must be understood so as to affect our health positively and make our living worthwhile.

Religions are just MERE PATHS, entrenched to make our existence in spirit a smooth one. It is more of a culture/tradition that has been there for ages, most likely bastardized because of human sentiments attached to it without PERUSALS.

It Is therefore sensible to say that, religions are structures meant to guide the ages of existence that must be revisited day in day out, it is also tenable to modernity as growth evolves. Science of growth has come to teach humanity that discoveries will be surfacing at each time researches are done into human existence on all spheres of life.

Religions therefore are to be looked into as a PATH, given by GOD the Almighty thru some anointed souls to create UNITY, ONENESS, UNIVERSALITY AND COHESION.
it could be DIVINE or HUMAN. Such as the Bahai faith, Hinduism, Judaism, christianity and Islam.


More so, the religions are of purposes – these purposes are mentioned earlier as ONENESS, COHESION and all those sorts.
But there is a NOTABLE RESULT to be gained or attained from it, that result is the SOUL HEALER. A soul being a place that orthodox medicine cant reach, it could be hurt, twained and distorted. Any human that can understand it to this level will be termed as spiritual, (spirit oriented).

All spirit is from a SOURCE, the SOURCE is GOD.

Therefore, big you go thru religions to get to God, you have to learn and understand his ways.the main AIM of God the creator is LIBERATION. In LIBERATION you must allow three (3) rules to guide you…. viz:- JUSTICE, KINDNESS AND RESPONSIBILITY.
No matter your creed, belief (religion) and Tongue, if these three r rules are not your focus in religion, you are only religious but not spiritual.

In quest for living-… these 3 rules must be applied relatively and considerably.
The Bible in 2 Corinthians 8.8… ” I speak not by commandment, but the occasion of the forward ness of others, and to prove the sincerity of your love (for them).
It also said in Proverbs 3.9 … ” Devise not evil against thy neighbour, seeing he dwellers securely by the (you).”

The Quran in chapter 4(nisai) vs 36 said ” And serve Allah, ascribe no thing as partner unto him, (show) kindness unto parents and to near kindred and orphans, and the needy and unto ty he neighbour who is of kin (unto you) and the neighbour who is not of king, and the fellow traveller and the way dearer, and ( the slaves) whom your right hand possess, Lo! Allah liveth not such as are proud and boastful. ”

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Today, we boast of HOG (house of God) built with millions or billions but devoid of spirit (human liberation) in all religions without exclusions. The spirit of unison is no more, but that of pride, seclusion and show offs. Our brethren are suffering without by help, HOG’s are no more a solace for prayer acceptance.

Not until we change to status quo., conditions will not improve and life together with living in it will be sacrilegious.

Religiosity is not spirituality, let’s open our eyes to improve our mind health.


From your explanation, our mind health can be termed as our conscience, Taqwah and personal relationship with Allah.

And this goes beyond an open claim of ‘I am a muslim’. That means the claim of a Muslim is just one of the identities in humanity.

I get the impression that other dimensions that must qualify our spirituality include Ikhlas (sincerity), Eeman (deep faith), Al-Birr (Righteousness) ihsaan (good conduct and comportment), Taqwah (piety, consciousness, fear of Allah).

I therefore get the impression that your conclusion of WE ARE ONE translates to unity of diversity and sameness of humanity but the measurement of supremacy and distinction is ultimately in case the depth of Taqwah which Allah alone determines. So a Muslim must continue to strive on the path of Taqwah and seek closeness to Allah until He meets his Lord who can confirm his sincerity, faith, righteousness and conscience.

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