By Abdulwarees Solanke

Under the guise of evangelism, there has been a trend of distorting verses of the Quran by mischievous Bible thumpers and sharing on groups or platforms. I will charge you, Don’t be fooled by such deceitful posts.

Sheikh today puts these verses, quoted incompletely in proper context and perspectives.

The following are examples

1.Jesus was born of a virgin.( *Qur’an 19: 20-22)*

2.Jesus was faultless. *(Qur’an 19:19)*

3.Jesus was a great healer of the sick *( Qur’an 3:49, 5:110)*

4.Jesus is Sign. *( Qur’an 19:21, 21:91)*

5.Jesus is a Mercy. *(Qur’an 19:21)*

6.Jesus is a witness. *(Qur’an 5:117)*

7.Jesus can create and give life. *(Qur’an 3:49)*

8.Jesus is the Messiah. *(Qur’an 4:171)*

9.Jesus is the Word of God. *(Kahma Allah) (Qur’an 4:171)*

10.Jesus is Spirit of God *( Ruh Allah) (Qur’an 4:171)*

11.Jesus was taken to heaven by God. *(Qur’an 4:158)*

12.Jesus will come back again. *(Qur’an 3:45, 43

You may come across these in forwarded posts. Do not be confused.

All the verses quoted are meant to serve the purpose of why those verses are revealed.

The mischief makers trying to use them as a reference are doing so to confuse the Muslims who are not versed or versatile in the Quran given to them as a guide.

We are also going to quote here correlations from the bible to substantiate our arguments for proper understanding.

Listen to these verse from the Quran
Q8.15…” O ye who believe, when you meet those who disbelieve in the Quran (and the signs of Allah) in battle (of intelligence) turn not your back to them).

We are to treat the misconceptions and mischief of the writer.


Q19.19.. Hear angel Gabriel speaking to Mary when she was about to conceive JESUS, ‘I am only a messenger of God that I may bestow on thee a faultless son”.

This is to show the unchaste statue of Mary because of what will come next after his birth when people will start saying nonsense of the virgin lady. But because the mischief maker is not versatile, he vaguely or incompletely uses such a verse.

explains the faultless state of the new child not as a defense for him but for the mother known to the society as a virgin.

The mischief maker deliberately quoted out of context in the same chapter 19 where a complete story of the journey to the birth of jesus started till the mother and child met her people and why the child has to speak from the cradle.

It is not really surprising though because those that witnessed the whole occurrence were also confused as the mischief maker.


This also does not make Jesus God. The bible from Genesis to Revelation has not given explanations to this.

Here are the quoted verses and the realities of its representations.

No one is disputing this, but it doesn’t mean Jesus is God. He is a human being born by a woman(human being) who is a virgin.

Does this imply that he is God?
Q19.20.. Hear what Mary said..” How can I have a son, seeing that no man has touched me neither have been unchaste”.

The kunfayakun here is what confused the mischief maker …. you can still read what the Quran said in Q3.59…”

The similitude of Jesus before Allah is like that of Adam He created him from dust ( a more virgin/fertile stuff) then He (Allah) said to him “BE” and it “WAS”.

Who is more a miracle? The one with a mother, one of two parents or the one without a parent at all?

DO NOT BE LOST. You can decide to check with the bible from A-Z , no reference whatsoever will be found to support the birth of Jesus as done by the Quran..

Q3.49..Allah was narrating what he made of Jesus..” and we make him A messenger unto the children of Israel, saying Lo! I come unto you with a SIGN from your lord, Lo! I fashioned for you out of clay the likeness of a bird and I breath into it and it is a bird by Allah’s leave, I healed him who was born blind and a leper and I raised dead by Allah’s leave and I announce unto you what eat and what you stored up in your homes, Lo! herein verily is a portent (warning signs) for you ( to desist) from disbelief, if you have to be true believers ”

This even if clearly understood tells us that Jesus was not sent to the world but to the isrealites alone..

In this above mentioned verse historians stated that the situation of the world then from the time of prophet Solomon which was full of magic and acclaimed miracles till the era of Prophet Moses before Allah crushed all the magics with just a mere walking stick given to Moses through prophet Shuaib, to further show the israelites that they altogether cannot perfect anything aside from what Allah desires.

Allah brought forth a baby without a father. This sign is for the Israelis alone . Allah also equipped the child with astonishing abilities and the child also told them that all the signs and abilities were fortified by Allah…. when he says the leave of Allah….
The child (Jesus) told them that fashioning out of clay the likeness of a bird not a real one but the likeness… healing the blind/leper all by Allah’s will, raising people from the dead which was also done by Prophet Moses during the of dispute by a murderer, Jesus also see beyond what anyone can see, like what they ate and what they kept in their houses.

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If the mischief maker had been versatile, he will not quote out of context.
Q4.171 read ” O ye people of the scriptures ( bible and taorah) commit not excesses in your religion nor say of Allah nothing except of the truth, christ jesus the son of Mary was not more than a messenger of Allah and his WORD(kalimah) bestowed on mary and a spirit proceeding from Him (Allah), so believe in Allah and his messengers, say not TRINITY ( God the father the son and the holy spirit) desist, it will be better for you for Allah is one Allah.

Therefore the Quran clears the confusion and doubts of anyone who confuses the status of Jesus as God.

In Q5.110..this is a disapproval of the thoughts that Jesus is God and this verse is from Jesus himself.

This further entrenched the clueless thinking of the mischief maker and the book he has with him


This is indisputable as it is also when we read further in the same chapter. The witnessing here does not support TRINITY but a total disapproval of those that called him God, it also disenfranchised their followership as Christians.

Jesus said Q5.118, ” if thou does punish them they are thy servants and if thou forgive them, thou are the exalted in power the wise”.

How can anyone arrogate power/Godship to one that said this?

Romans 11.1 (bible)… I say then hath God cast away his people, God forbid, for I also am an israelite of the seed of Abraham of the tribe of Benjamin ” . Who is God here, who is I?

The 4th and 5th topic are already taken

THE word messiah written in arabic as المسيح means he who touches by an ointment and heals.

Aside Jesus been a SIGN, A SPIRIT where the spirit of Allah in him can directly heal , that still does not make him God. No one who is a muslim doubts his messiah status. Do not be confused just as the mischief maker.



Scholars of islam differ in the answer to this, those that said yes are of certainty that no soul will be resurrected except after death and no soul shall leave this earth until after the death of such soul. Since Jesus was raised high above, he must certainly come back to due so as to face accountability.. since the Quran has mentioned the qiyamah dialogue between Allah and jesus, definitely he will also be called to accountability.


Those that said no are of the opinion that if he did come back will he still be a prophet/messenger again? Since the Quran has sealed prophet/messengership with prophet Muhammad. On that note:- the vague should reside with Almighty Allah the knowest the wisest.

This is indisputable in islam , except if the mischief maker is trying to retreat to what the Quran has said from the earlier biblical texts, which said Jesus was killed and crucified on the cross.
Islam has always been in the forefront of correcting the thinking of those that said jesus was killed.How?
Q4.147 ” that they say (in boast) ” we killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the messenger of God” but they killed him not nor crucify him, but it was made to appear to them and those that differ therein are full of doubts. They have no knowledge of it except they following some assumptions and they did not kill him of certain ”
Q4.158 ” Rather Allah raised him to himself. Allah is almighty all wise.”

Let us come to terms here with a logical thinking. God has only one Son, and he will open His eyes wide with all His power and allow his only “begotten ” son who is faultless to be killed to save the fault full children, how logical is this?

Note the word “begotten” ….this simply implies jesus was adopted and not a real biological child.
Psalm 2.7 and John 3.16 …..

Historically Judas Iscariot was punished mercilessly because of what? kindly enquire from any Christian including the pastors what was his offence…and if they can find you a clue, then ask them what transpired afterwards.

It was when Judas was to lead the isrealites to the synagogue where Jesus was worshipping that Angel Gabriel informed Jesus of their plan, and he Jesus was asked by the Angel to go back and tell them he was praying that he will join them later. But before he could turn to go out and deliver the message to them the picture of jesus was put on his face thus was why the enormous punishment that was meted to Judas Iscariot.
(source: Gospel of Barnabas)

This is the simple truth, a global/universal one that is not doubtful but misconstrued by mischief makers.

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