By AbdulWarees SOLANKE

Virtues of Patience & Courage

Sheikh, we are often counselled in challenging times to have courage. Similarly, patience is recommended for us in trying moments.

These obviously are two great virtues a believer must acquire. Which is superior? How do we combine both to cope with life?

Human beings are born with habits. It is an automatic quality given by the creator, but they are also known with certain characters which is what they get from their environments.

The culmination of both is termed as ATTITUDE. The ATTITUDE could be referred to sometimes as TEMPERAMENT.

But all categories of temperaments, as much as interwoven they are, can be tamed with a power that can be acquired through knowledge.

That power is called PATIENCE. PATIENCE is the innermost power to control and change the outcome of actions and reactions towards a formulated outlook that breeds eternal positive results.

This quality (patience) is also strengthened by COURAGE. COURAGE is the believe in SELF to exert a persuasion to do what others cannot do, so as to change the life of others in a more beneficial way to eventually liberate humanity.

Patience and courage if perfectly blended are the tools for progress and advancement.

Consider this eloquent exhortation of Allah haza wa jal: O ye who believe! Endure, outdo all others in endurance, be ready, and observe your duty to Allah, in order that ye may succeed….Q3.200

Hmm. No wonder. I can now understand why it is those who have these that can certainly attain TRUE SUCCESS. This is if we understand that true success comes only from Allah Subhanahu wa taala.


I deduce this from the aayah of the fountain of guidance, Quran, in which Allah enjoins us that we should SEEK HIS HELP with PATIENCE and PRAYER (AS-SALAAT), certainly an arduous comportment, except for the TRUE DEVOTEES.

In essence, what underlines patience is courage, and are to be acquired by training and guidance.

Jazakumllah Khaeran Sheikh. Hope you will explore for us other virtues required to live life of SAQIINAH.

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