Conversation With The Philosopher

By AbdulWarees Solanke

Sheikh, May Allah honour you and expand your breast in knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

I got the following quote from your DP: Comprehension and Consideration are the only backbone of fruitful relationship

This I assume is your motto or personal philosophy of life.

And by fruitful relationship, I also assume you mean the following must characterize a fruitful relationship: love, peace, harmony, Amity, care, concern, forebearance, tolerance, understanding, excusing and forgiving.

These I also assume can be between a couple or friends, within the workplace, in a community, between followers of different religions, members of different races and tribes and even nations.

Now, what are those values we must comprehend and consider to achieve those indices I isolate from your motto as contents of a FRUITFUL RELATIONSHIP?

Sheikh: Relationships are and must be built on TRUST, this in islam is known as AMAANAH. Therefore, all you have mentioned above are the by-products of Trust.

Before you can claim of been trustworthy you have to make sure you understand what it entails and imbibe them to acquire peace of mind which in turn is the foundation of communal peace.
Those things are
Potentials of self

Relative dealings with others

Karma drive of existence

Giving without expectations

Detachment from materialism

Least effort of effecting things

Dharma effect…whereby you see Allah (oir creator) as yourself… but not in his position but in His representation.

With this, your comprehensive understanding of life will determine your consideration of other

You will in turn see yourself as a developer of a fruitful advancement for everyone with utmost patience and forbearance.


Certainly. Certainly! Allah indeed says He wanted to create us as His Khalifah, His representative, His Trust Bearer.

So, to be Allah’s representative or trust bearer, you will be asserting mastery of what He created below mankind.

You’re taking charge, controlling affairs on His behalf. To do this effectively however, you must be a totally faithful humble servant.

Not having opinion or idea of your own but correctly representing Him, conveying His instructions, LIVING HIS INSTRUCTIONS.

Man cannot pursue his own path or whims and claim to be Allah’s servant or ambassador.

The vessel of Allah is the one that truly understands AMAANAH, and LIVES AMAANAH.

To me, any deviation from faithfully bearing the TRUST amounts to DEVIATION BY ARROGANCE.

This is the cause of the downfall and rejection of Iblis who used to be an archangel.

Thank you Shaykh. I will knock on your door again for more elucidation on matters of GOODLY EXISTENCE as this that we have commenced interrogating. Jazakumllah.

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