Conference of Civil Society Slams Political Parties Over Non-Inclusion Of Women, Youths, PWDs.

The Conference of Civil Society of Nigeria have condemn in strong terms the non-inclusion of women, youths and people with disabilities in the just concluded party primary elections to select flag bearers for various elective seats in the coming 2023 general elections. Chairperson of Conference Comrade Adams Otakwu made this known in Press conference on Tuesday.
According to Comrade Otakwu, “Of all the political parties, none has a woman as Presidential standard bearer for the 2023 General Elections. Less than 5% of gubernatorial candidates are women, while over 95% are men. Less than 10% of candidates for the Federal Parliament are women while over 90% are Men. Less than 20% of candidates for State Parliaments are Women, while over 80% are men. These figures fall far below the global average, were women hold about 23% of the seats in Parliaments according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union data, on global average”

He added that “Regrettably, these appalling statistics and extremely imbalanced ratio are unassertive of our commitment as a country to affirmative action and gender parity, especially when compared with countries like Rwanda, South-Africa, Ethiopia, New Zealand, India, the Philippines with women figures playing prominent roles in their governments.”
The conference said it believe Nigerian Women and other marginalized group have a lot to offer in politics and governance structure of the country and should be carried along.

In Otakwu’s words “…. Nigerian women have the capacity to proffer a permanent solution to the perennial challenges of terrorism, banditry, insurgency and other patterns of insecurity and criminalities ravaging Nigeria. To continue to exclude women from our political governance system because they belong to the sex that wears skirts, is simply and squarely a voluntary suicide mission on our part….”

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