Clergy Reveals Reason Behind Nigeria’s Rising Insecurity

Following the rising insecurity, the Pastor of United Methodist Church of Nigeria (UMCN) based in Jalingo, Taraba State, Rev Phillip Micah Dopah, has accused the federal government of encouraging the rising insecurity in Nigeria by integrating Boko Haram into the security forces of the nation.

Speaking to our correspondent Rev. Dopah said, the FG are neglecting the continuous killings and banditry operations since it has fail to eliminate the Boko-haram who have now have another wing call ISWAP a co terrorists group.

The clergy man lamented that the integration of the killer Boko-haram into the Nigeria army was a trap against the nation’s unity, noted that the aim was targeted at recruiting the Boko-haram into Nigeria military to help actualize the total implementation of the Sharia law and turn the country into an Islamic nation.

According to him, he said “The federal government is behind and encouraging the rising insecurity in Nigeria.

“The continue attacks on our soldiers is been perpetrated by the so called Boko-haram repentance who have been integrated into the military.

“Many of this disguise soldiers are active commanding officers of Boko-haram. They go in disguise as the army and killed people.

“They are the ones giving information on how to attack the military even in their baracks.

“An illiterate who is not train does not have the capacity to attack a train personnel like the army and go free.

“The federal government knows all the Boko-haram’s camp, they know where people are being kidnapped and kept for ransom.

“Why would the terrorists threaten the federal to release their arrested members if they don’t know each other and doesn’t have something in common?

“I agree with General TY Danjuma who in 2017 said the military have collude. I want to add that the federal government has collude with the Boko-haram terrorists to kill and Islamize Nigeria”.

According to him, he pointed that the FG’s traditional way of condemning or responding to the terrorists operations in the country was a clear prove that the government is behind and encouraging the situation.

The clergy man lamented the three bomb attack in Taraba and the claim responsibility by the ISWAP, described it as threat to Christianity.

He state that Nigerians who believe in the unity of the country to rise up to the challenge.

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