CISLAC, CIVIC Canvases For Policy Implementation Of Civilians Protection In Armed Conflict

Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) in collaboration with Centre for Civilians in Conflict with support from European Union has called on the federal government of Nigeria to implement the draft national policy on protection of civilians and civilian harm mitigation in armed conflict.

The protection of civilians in armed conflict (PoC) have been partly driven by acknowledgment of the physical and psychological harm to civilians and civilian objects from the presence and results of their operations.

Speaking at the multisatkeholders meeting on the draft of the national policy protection of civilian and harm mitigation in armed conflict, yesterday in Abuja, the executive director, CISLAC Auwal Ibrahim said that goverment should take necessary step to prevent the civilians.

According to him, the amount of casualties we are getting as a result of the various violent or conflict that is taking the lives of Nigerians requires holistic approach to protect and prevent the lives of Nigerians.

“And one of the steps that is needed is this kind of policy that seek to address and ensuring a sustainable peace in the country.

“The absent of this legal framework is creating gaps in the protection and promotion of peace and security in the country. We cannot afford to continues to loose the lives of Nigerians on regular basis.”

The acting country director of Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC), Mujidang Sitdang said that this is an opportunity for the stakeholders to actually support the Ministry of Justice to achieve the full implementation of draft national policy protection of civilian and harm mitigation in armed conflict by the executive council.

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