Centre Blasts MURIC Over Demolition Of Maiduguri Church

The Director General, Centre for Justice on Religious and Ethnicity in Nigeria, has described as false, mischieve, misleading and deception of the public, the comment of the Director, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) Prof Ishaq Akintola concerning the demolition of EYN Church in Maiduguri.

Recall that the Muslim Right Concern (MURIC) had revealed that the Borno state government actually demolished 11 Mosques and four Churches contrary to claims that only Churches were demolished in the state.

It stated that a team of investigators working with MURIC visited each of the sites where the Mosques were demolished, interviewed residents and gathered photographs and data that showed locations of each of the 11 Mosques and dates of their demolition by officials of the Borno State Government for violation of purposes approved in residential titles, which was in compliance with a 2010 Government White paper in response to the 2009 Boko Haram insurgency, which strictly prohibited the conversion of any residential house to a place of worship, in all parts of Borno state.

But a statement issued and made available to newsmen on Friday, Rev Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa said that MURIC leader in his statement alleged that 11 mosques were demolished by the Borno State government, adding, “I never see a Professor concocting lies like this.

“I am an indigene of Borno State and Kanuri by tribe, all the statement and claimed by Prof. Akintola is false. Only in 2009 the Borno State govt demolished mosques belonging to Boko Haram leaders/members.


“The MURIC leader, Prof. Ishaq Akintola knew within himself that what he said it’s total lies and his so-called claimed is total deceiption to the public.”

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He lamented that the so-called Prof. does not have any single one name Mosque or their locations that was demolished by Gov. Babagana Umara Zulum administration as the Prof. claimed.

The Director General challenged Prof. Ishaq if he has the names of the mosques and their locations to publish them in national dailies, saying that the attitude of Ishaq Akintola is so disgraceful to even the Islam religion.


He wondered how can someone just seat dawn and concoct lies for himself in order to protect his religion in deceptive way, adding, “We all know including the so-called Prof. Ishaq that from the northern states every wealthy Muslim person if he builds a house, he also build a mosque in that house. Why is it that the Christians dosen’t have the right to do the samething? Are Christians not Nigerians? Christians in this country are paying their tax and they are being treated as second class citizens.”

According to him, Gov. Babagana Umara Zulum came out in public to tell the world that he was not aware of the demolition of the Church and that he didn’t direct anybody to carry out the demolition of the Church, lamenting that the MURIC leader is defending what he don’t even know.

Rev. Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa further explained that there is a woman who bought some plots of land at Pompomari in Maiduguri at Baga Road since 2005, adding that she wanted to sale it to a Church but some Muslims alleged that the land belong to them but when she took them to Borno State High Court, she won the case, they also took her to another high court the jugde connived with them, revock the land and gave it to the Muslims but she later won the case at Appeal Court.

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He said, “I have all the neccesary documents on the jugdment from the two Courts of law with me. Therefore If Ishaq Akintola uses lies to defend his religion, I am proving him wrong, l have lots of written documents to prove Prof. Ishaq wrong of all that he is saying, so he has to be very careful with his statement on what he knows nothing about.”

The Director General also lamented that Prof. Ishaq Akintola or any of his MURIC group members never visited Maiduguri the Borno state capital for such invesgation but just concocted the story to deceived the public.

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