Celebrating Democracy In Kaduna Is Like Giving Failure A Nod – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kaduna State has lambasted All Progressive Congress (APC) government in the state, saying that celebrating democracy day in the state is like giving failure a nod.
The party in a statement by its state publicity secretary, Abraham Alberah Catoh said it is appalling that in the last six years of Kaduna State political history, the state is grappling with anti-people policies, militia activities, banditry and kidnapping for ransom.
“It looks glaring that the APC government in the state is powerless to deter aggression and to defend the integrity of the people. Nor does it show strength in defending the principles upon which modern democracies base international conduct,” PDP stated.
The statement added that while policy inconsistency, anti-people policy and lack of openness and transparency in government dealings have grossly undermined people’s inclusion in the process of governance, it says the state is currently experiencing an unprecedented relocation of people and businesses (multinational corporations and Small Scale Businesses) out of the state.
The party said the atmosphere in the state was hostile for human and businesses, alluding this to the fact that bandits holding sway over territories.
“People – in urban and rural communities – are going through dehumanizing experiences of their lives; the rate at which people are been killed appears we don’t have a proactive government but, very quick in issuing empty statements provoking the bandits, which has helped to worsened the situation.”
The party has called on the governor, Nasir el-Rufai and his household to desist from making statements that have potentials of aggravating the security situation in the state.
“About 3 days ago, the same day Gov el-Rufai’s wife made a statement on ransom, students of Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic, Zaria and some lecturers were kidnapped.
“The abduction and later killing of Agom Adara, Maiwada Raphael Galadima, and the abduction of the Interim Management Chairman of Kaura LG, Dr. Bege Humble Katuka. These are abductions that took place at proximate distances from the seat of power, what more of the people at the hinterland and the ungoverned spaces?” PDP queried.
The party said in the 2020 Annual Security Report, Kaduna State government conservatively published that 937 people were killed by bandits while1,972 were kidnapped. As conservative as the figures are, PDP said the numbers are stunning.
The party decried the mass sack of workers in the state public service without reference to payment of gratuity, it said section 210 of the 1999 constitution guarantees pension rights to the affected workers; adding that available data released by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) Kaduna State chapter shows that 77,000 civil servants have been laid off by Governor el-Rufai.
“The APC government is sacking parents, breadwinners and guardians from office and simultaneously increasing the tuition fees of pupils and students in primary/junior secondary schools and tertiary institutions, respectively,” PDP fumed.
“This is double jeopardy because the same parents that are expected to pay the school fees of their children are been sacked and their entitlements are denied. The government is full of contradictions.”
In the statement PDP said when its government under Governor Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi established Shehu Idris College of Health Sciences, Makarfi and the Kaduna State University in 2004, he didn’t establish it as a money making venture, he created it to help under privileged children access education and to close the gap between the rich and the poor.
“Over the years, many poor and underprivileged children have graduated from these institutions, which wouldn’t have been possible if the school fees at the time were what is obtainable now.
“According to the new rates, students paying N26,000 will henceforth pay up to N200,000 for social science undergraduates, and about N500,000 for medical students who are not indigenes of the State.
“APC government has generated more pressure on Kaduna populace than deflating it,” PDP stated.

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