Celebrating A Toddler At 61; Too Long A Journey, Too Little Gains – Amb. John Pofi

I must confess that I am not a sadist nor a pessimist but a REALIST.

When you talk about celebration, what readily comes to mind is successes and the number of hurdles one is able to successfully scale through.

There is no doubt that Nigeria has made tremendous progress since it got its political independence, yes, that was what the colonial masters offered Nigeria but not economic independence yet. There are expansion in the number of institutions, number of roads, more political awarenesses and high increase in number of infrastructure.

Yes, we are still together but not as one, so I differ with those who say even if there is nothing to celebrate, we should celebrate the fact that we are still one indivisible nation. We are together but not as one, especially in the last six years. We have never been divided along ethnic and religious lines like this before.

Another thing that people celebrate as growth is the size of our infrastructure. Yes, we have grown in size but we have not developed. We can beat our chest of quantity and no quality to show.

What are we celebrating today when millions of persons are scattered at various IDP camps with no hope of resetlement? What are we celebrating when thousands are still in the hands of bandits? What are we celebrating when thousands of farmers cannot go to the farm and harvest what they legitimately planted during the planting season? What are we celebrating when thousands are being killed gruesomely not for any offence of theirs but due to the total collapsed of the security system? What are we celebrating when the uniting fabrics that have held us together for decades has been scattered and shattered particularly by this administration? What are we celebrating when we have been enslaved by the debt profile of the nation and even the generations unborn? What are we celebrating?

I can go on and on with the legion of chains on our hands and feet orchestrated by our rulers which in my opinion as a clergy, it is needless celebrating failure but rather, the day should be declared a day of national prayer for God to uproot any evil that is hindering the development of the nation.

As we mark this Day, I urge all Nigerians not to relent but keep faith Alive in the nation and continue to pray for peace and progress of the land.

May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Amb. John Pofi, JP

National Coordinator, Prayer Force Network

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