CDD Appreciates OSIWA With An Award Of Excellence

The Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) led by it’s Executive Director; Mr David Anyaele paid a courtesy visit to the Executive Director Open Society Initiative in West Africa (OSIWA) at it’s Maitama, Abuja office.

The purpose of the visit was to appreciate OSIWA for their support
towards CCD’s projects on Breaking Barriers against Nigerians with Disabilities (BBAND) phase 1 & 2 and Enhancing COVID-19 Behavioral Change among Person with Disabilities.

It was also an opportunity to present to OSIWA, in appreciation, an Award of Excellence for it’s commitment and support towards the promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities in Nigeria.

Presenting the Award, the Executive Director of CCD, who was welcomed by the whole team at OSIWA, narrated the long history of disability rights struggle, lessons and success. In particular, the successful campaign against impunity, with CCD, in collaboration with other CSOs, leading in litigation advocacy against the asylum granted to former Liberia President Charles Taylor. The then Liberian leader masterminded the atrocity that led to the cutting off of his two hands by rebels in Freetown Sierra Leone.

He went further to highlight how OSIWA contributed immensely using the Breaking Barriers Against Nigerians with Disabilities project that led to the passage of the National Disability Rights Act, and how the organization showed support through collaborating with CCD in this era of COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr David, was grateful to the past and present Executive Directors of OSIWA, who he said Improved his skill on “Legislative Advocacy and Campaigns”.

Receiving the award, the Executive Director of OSIWA; Mr Ibrahim Aidara noted that the award is “transformational”. In his words, he said that; “We appreciate the testimonies, and the impressive news we are hearing because of our support and collaborations in the past years, and we are glad to hear that our support is yielding progress .

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“Though we know we are doing great works in Nigeria, and this award is an additional evidence” Mr. Aidara said.

Mr Aidara also thanked the Executive Director of CCD and his colleagues from OSIWA who worked and supported the success stories, and affirmed that CCD, will continue to enjoy continous support from OSIWA.

Other OSIWA officials present at the award event include Mr. Tem Mbuh, Ms. Mikang Longjan, and Mrs. Catherine Kyenret Angai, Mr. Peter Ocheikwu; Mr Humphrey Ukeaja and Ubong Daniel from CCD attended the event among others.

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