Cattle Route: We Will Explore Every Legal Means To Protect Our Ancestral Land- Gbabo

Condemnations have continued to trail the recent directives by the Presidency on its move to review grazing routes and reserves in 25 states of the country.

One of which is from Hon. Daniel Gbabo, the Senior Special Assistant to the Benue State Governor on Secondary and Tertiary Education who vowed in a statement that Benue Citizens would explore every legal means possible to protect the land bequeathed to them by their ancestors.

Although the Federal Government FG is yet to name the affected states wherein the committee is expected to ascertain the level of encroachment on grazing sites that would determine the next line of action, it is so glaring that Benue is one of them

The President’s directives which has drawn the ire of people across the country, also got another knock from Hon. Gbabo who described the move as
“evil mechanisation” said he believes that Benue was not among the 25 states named for the review.

He pointed out that “The much talked about cattle grazing reserve is not in the best interest of this country but rather to further the land grabbing, well known open secret agenda of the Fulani herdsmen.

“It is a known fact that land is the most precious resource world over and this people (Fulani) wants to do everything to grab this natural resource from the locals under the guise of gazetting grazing reserves, we will fight this with the last drop of our blood”

“We strongly want to believe that our state is not among the 25 states named for that evil machinations because our precious resource was bequeathed to us by our ancestors and we will also bequeath same to generations yet unborn.

“We’ll use every legal means at our disposal to continue to preserve our only source of livelihood regardless of whatever agenda.

“It is a notorious fact that we are agrarians and due to population explosion and expansion of social amenities such as schools, health centres, roads and so on, it is unthinkable for anyone to imagine that we will afford to part with even an inch of our land for that diabolic agenda that does not have human face.

“And therefore any orchestration in taking even an inch of our land clearly means genocide, starvation, fermine, mass murder and annihilation of our people.”

He further declared that “Let it be clearly known that we do not and will never harbour ill-feeling against anybody but we want our inalienable rights to be respected and dignified.

“Any attempt at trying to contemplate appropriating our land to anyone through gazetting grazing reserves will be considered an encroachment.”

Gbabo, futher stated that It is our sincere hope that the international community will prevail on the presidency to respect the laws of the land which has vested the authority of land in the hands of the governors.

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