CAF Gives New Clubs New Licensing Procedures

By Sampson Adedeji

The Executive Committee approved a new club licensing procedure aimed at preserving the integrity and smooth running of club competitions, reports.

In total, the Executive Committee approved the following guidelines: A new edition of the Rules for the licensing of men’s clubs.

The inaugural edition of the Rules for the licensing of women’s clubs include; New Stadium Rules, new quality standard for CAF club licenses, Catalog of Sanctions.

The criteria for licensing clubs are structured around five pillars: sports, infrastructure, administrative and personnel, legal and financial.

Caf wrotes, “Among other things, we note that: The transition from criteria A, B and C to two types of criteria: continental and national.
The process of obtaining club licenses will now be done via the CAF online platform.

The process that will be mandatory for continental and national competitions.

The Committee welcomed the fundamental influence that this licensing process will have on the functioning of clubs. In particular, it will make it possible to, ensure that men’s and women’s football clubs have appropriate management and organization

Pursue the promotion and constant improvement of the quality level of all aspects of club football in Africa.

Improve the sports infrastructure of clubs
Improve the economic and financial capacity of clubs, through appropriate governance and corporate control;

Ensure and guarantee the continuity of international club competitions during the season

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