CAF Executives Propose Hayatou As Honourary President

By Sampson Adedeji

Few years after leaving the office, Cameroon’s Issa Hayatou is set to receive Honourary position from the Africa soccer governing body (CAF), reports.

Hayatou served as president of CAF for 29 years between 1988 and 2017 and under him Africa witnessed progress and some setbacks.

He took temporary charge as FIFA president in 2015 following a corruption case leveled against then president Sepp Blatter.

Hayatou was in charge till February 2016 when Gianni Infatinno emerged as president of World soccer governing body.

He was defeated by Malagasy challenger Ahmad Ahmad, ending Hayatou’s 29-year reign as the CAF President.

The Executives committee of CAF on Thursday evening rose from their meeting and proposed to honour Hayatou as honorary president of the body.

Hayatou 74, remained the longest serving president of CAF till date.

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