By Oluwa Tunmise

Bye-bye, bye-bye,
For the rotten days are forgotten,
The new dawn is welcomed.

Bye-bye, bye-bye,
For the truth shall be opened up to every one,
The days of lies shall be cast away.

Bye-bye, bye-bye,
For the inequities assume to be non-appearance,
Truthfulness shall become glaring and visible to all.

Bye-bye, bye-bye,
For our reproaches are rolled away,
As we all continue to mount like the eagle.

Bye-bye, bye-bye,
For black-race is being redeemed,
Nigeria is moving towards being liberated.

Arise and shine,
For we shall lift up our flags,
As the giant of Africa.

Hurray! For we are so endowed,
These days, this generation shall end
With afflictions of the past era.

Continuously delight in happiness,
For the war is over.

To our old penurious lifestyle,
We can all say:
Bye-bye, bye-bye.

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