Bye-Bye To Democracy

By Olunifesi Suraj (PhD)

Is Covid-19 intends to promote communism and autocracy? That is the question I am ruminating on. By reason of the pandemic, rights and fundamental human rights are suspended. Hungary parliament has given his president power to operate and govern though autocracy. Many Nations are already considering amending their constitution to allow for autocratic rule so as to deal with the pandemic. Surveillance technology are already being used without constrain to justify national security as a response to Covid-19. Some are already advancing the idea of mainstreaming the media and censoring the internet which are all communist agenda. Communal sharing of infrastructures for social welfarism are already being projected.
As stocks slumps and capitalism gives way, the need to concentrate all resources to the state for even distribution to cater for citizens is becoming the order of the day. The courts are forced to closed, parliamentary houses have equally being shut. The fourth realm of the state are now supposed to take instructions from the state.
All human activities are becoming centralised including sources of information and mode of dissemination. Is our world ever going to be the same after Corona Virus pandemic? Is democracy going to hold any longer. Won’t our democratic structures be fatally weakened after the pandemic? Is somebody not reading between the lines? And most.importantly, this pandemic started from a communist world, China which has no regard for freedom of expression and the rule of law? Is Covid-19 not a cause on democracy? An agenda to prove and promote communism. With all fingers pointing to China! All major cities in the world have virtually being economically grounded while beinjing is having a field day.
Is the world Order changing or about to change? Is Covid-19 a sign for things to come? I am just speculating. I am just worried but definitely my speculation is not without basis. I could be called a prophet of doom for now but I will definitely refers to this text later. May God keep us alive. It appear I am extreme in my judgement but time is a better judge. I am compelled to say bye bye to democracy!!!

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