Breast Cancer: Medical Women Urges Men, Women To Seek Proper Medical Attention

President Medical Women Association, Benue State Chapter Dr Laadi Swende has urged all Benue women to rise up and say No to Breast Cancer by ensuring early presentation and screening checked at least once a Month.

Dr Swende who made this known during a Breast Cancer mega rally awareness creation walk in Màkurdi also urged Men to as well availed themselves for the opportunity of visiting the hospital for breast Cancer screening.

According to her, one patient of Breast Cancer also occur in the Men and there is every need for them to engage in self examination for early presentation.

“We appeal to all women and men to also engage in self examination of their breast and to seek medical attention whenever they notice any changes in their breast in conventional hospitals instead of patent medical stores and traditional healers for early detection and possible treatment”

Dr Swende explained that the mega rally and walk was to create awareness and enlightment to enable Benue citizens especially women to come out for screening for early diagnosis and presentation to save their lives.

She said “in the past we were focusing more on Cervical Cancer Cancer and we have discover that because of negligence and lack of Knowledge most women and even the men are dying of breast Cancer which would have been prevented if presented and detected early.

Dr Swende who is also a Consultant of Family Physician at the Federal Medical Centre Màkurdi, further disclosed that the theme of this year’s celebration tag’ ‘Putting Up with the Breast’ which means everybody should rise up and support women to come out for Screening and possible treatment.

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Also Speaking a Lecturer with the College of Health Sciences, Benue State University Màkurdi in the Department of Epidomology and Community Health Dr Geoffrey Torugh also urged Men to support and join the campaign to create awareness for all and sundry to present themselves for breast Cancer pre- check.

In an interview with one of the Breast Cancer survival Mrs Justina Kurga disclosed she was saved because of early presentation and detection, adding that “based on my experience Cancer is not a death sentence when you present early for proper diagnosis”

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