Big Brother Naija Lockdown Show – In Defence Of Father Mbaka’s Prophesy


THERE is no proof that the eclectic Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka watches the Big Brother Naija reality show as some have been speculating. His predictions about who would not win the N85 million prize was not a confirmation that he watched the television show that draws controversies from its proclivities to alcohol, nudity, sex, and language rated inappropriate for conventional conversations.

Unless we are suggesting that when Father Mbaka predicted that Senator Hope Uzodinma would be the Governor of Imo State he had fore-knowledge of the Supreme Court judgement, there is no conclusive evidence that he watches the Big Brother Naija show.

Was the Supreme Court judgement not a revelation? He did not have to read the judgement to know who the next Governor of Imo State would be. Father Mbaka has such powers. Anyone who decides to believe the powers of less endowed clerics has a right to a choice.

Those who have chosen to doubt his powers cannot stop spirits that minister to Father Mbaka from revealing to the cleric things what ordinary us would never know. Father Mbaka is generous in making his rare talents available to tackle life’s challenges. It is up to us to decided whether to patronise him or agonise over the difficulties of acting without a glimpse of the future which is available courtesy of Father Mbaka.

If you thought his enterprise was limited to predicting Uzodinma’s Supreme Court victory in Imo State last January, you should know better with his latest prediction.

The details he gave about the squabbles in the Big Brother Naija house indicated that Father Mbaka’s visions on the reality show were clear. He knew the characters in the feud by name. He had impressions of Erica the contestant who let loose her rage. She was disqualified. He rightly predicted it.

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Are people jealous that he was right on the ejection (disqualification) of Erica? Why were people surprised that Big Brother Naija would hold interests for the founder of the Adoration Ministry, which is erected on the imperatives of righteousness with the Almighty?

What could be wrong with Father Mbaka watching the reality show if he does? He needs to be all things to all men (and women), as the scriptures would put it. He blamed Erica for abusing Laycon. Father Mbaka quoted the words she used.

“Look at what she was calling the other young man, ‘idiot’, ‘you are an idiot’ and the whole world was watching. Look at Erica with all her beauty and all her beautiful dances, then look at her in the next ten minutes, she becomes cantankerous and pugnacious,” Father Mbaka recounted in his Sunday message to the shock of some of his congregants who must have felt they were in the wrong church.

Hours after he predicted that Erica would lose the N85 million grand prize for raining insults and curses on Laycon, she was disqualified from the competition.

Father Mbaka, by any stretch of imagination, is a versatile entrepreneur who keeps knocking down frontiers as he expands his businesses. Do not be deceived by the fact that he operates from the pulpit. If he predicted Big Brother Naija show what stops him from venturing into predicting football matches, betting, and the housemates of 2021 Big Brother Naija?

The betting industry has been growing unknown to many. The millions who depend on betting for a living now have a dependable allay for tips. Suppose Father Mbaka sets aside a few minutes of his Sunday message for messages on winning numbers for the week? What would we accuse him of watching?

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Father Mbaka has inaugurated a new phase of his business. The faith of his followers in him has grown. More converts are possible. There is no doubt where to seek advice on issues. The bright future that beckons Father Mbaka could feature additional income streams from “grooming” Big Brother Naija contestants. He can also intercede for those already in the house.

Smart relations and associates of Big Brother Naija housemates could commence series of consultations with Father Mbaka for their contestant to win the final prize. His prophecies would get more international attention since there are versions of the television reality show in other countries.

Father Mbaka has served notice that he has opened business in the rarefied field of predicting the Big Brother Naija television show. Let it be on record that he is the first cleric to make this bold move. It could be his intellectual property.

Nobody should envy Father Mbaka when he draws more fame and fortune from the expansion of his visions. A hard-working Father Mbaka deserves his rewards.

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