Bauchi: Group Launch A Book on the Monumental achievements of Gov. Bala Mohammed


A leading Northern Political group, under the auspices of “Northern Educational Foundation, Youth Development & Political Research”, says a Book on the achievements of Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has been published.

Chairman of the Forum, Alh Yusuf Makarfi disclosed this in a press statement signed and issued to Journalists in Kaduna on Wednesday.

Yusuf explained that the publication has showcase the visionary stride and observation on trajectory leadership of the Governor within the span of two years.

According to them: they’ve studied, captured and published the achievements, Progressive strides and indelible vision of the ebullient Governor, Statesman and a leader worthy to be followed Senator Bala ABDULKADIR Muhammad on his achievements in Politics, developments in Health Care, Education, Social welfare, Security and Agriculture concomitantly.

” In retrospect, past governors and leadership of Bauchi State have been delibrately sidelined and erased from the books of histories and Political references.

” However, this group has taken an exception by publishing a “Book” which captured the entire essence and ideological Political conception of the KAURAN BAUCHI in his patriotism, public related wisdom, security and agriculture, adding in its essence, the Publisher, Yusuf Makarfi has single handedly taken a direct shot at the achievements of the Governor, ” Yusuf said.

He maintained that the vision and the mission which of his Achievements has far go beyond today but reflects on the population explosion which will definitely happen in the next couple of years.

” In consideration of the future, the Government of Bala Mohammed has its focus on the drawing board in order to strategically placed Bauchi State in a position to challenge the future uncertainties.” Yusuf added.

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