Bauchi Gov Bans Almajiri System, Okada Riders

Bala Mohammed, Bauchi State governor has placed a ban on almajiri system in the state.

Mohammed in a state wide broadcast on Thursday evening said the old almajiri system was no longer tenable and healthy in the midst of the dreaded coronavirus in the state.

“The almajir system which operates through the aggregation and congregation of hundreds of children who beg by the day and cluster in large numbers at night may accelerate the spread of coronavirus”, the governor said

He said “there is an agreement by the Northern Governors to ban the almajiri system in the region. The Almajir system is hereby banned in the state”, he added.

The governor who said Kaduna and Kano states where in the process of evacuating almajirai of Bauchi extraction added that the state government had prepared the NYSC Camp in the state camp them pending when they will be reunited with their families.

Governor Bala said almajirai from other states who reside in Bauchi state would also be repatriated to their states.

He said the banned is not against the Islamic learning and scholarship, saying “it will be encouraged by the government”.

The governor has also placed a ban on okada riders whom he sad have infiltrated Bauchi State from neighboring states.

“I’m sure you know that all our neighboring states; Kano Jigawa, Gombe, Borno, Yobe, Taraba, Kaduna and the FCT Abuja have banned the operation of commercial motorcycles otherwise known as Achaba. “Unfortunately, they have relocated to our state posing a serious threat to security”, hence the ban.

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He said only tricycles also known as Keke Napep were allowed to operate in Bauchi with only two passengers.

The governor said the action was to control the spread of the dreaded coronavirus in the state.

Bala Mohammed said the usual Ramadan Tafsir will not hold as usual where members converge in mosques for the Tafsir.

“Government hereby restricts the conduct of Ramadan Tafsir to only the translator and recite. “This is to stop massive gathering in such occasions as this will escalate the spread of the virus through contacts.

The government also said night prayers in congregation during the month of Ramadan is also proscribed, urging faithfuls to only observe prayers at home.

He said markets will only operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays “from 10am to 2pm effective from Sunday April 26, 2020.”

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