Baribote Tells Pinnick To Stop Lying To Nigerians

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

Former second vice president of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, Victor Baribote has asked the NFF President, Amaju Pinnick should stop lying and misleading Nigerians, can report.

Following the return of incumbent Chairman of the Anambra Football Associaton, Ifeanyi Ubah as the Chairman of the state FA to run for the second term, in the election which was done through electronic vote. The result of the state FA election was rejected by the NFF while the Electoral Committee said they were satisfied with the outcome and according to them, it was done in the interest of the game but the NFF cited loopholes rejecting the result of the election.

Defending why the NFF annulled the election and set up a Caretaker Committee Pinnick in a 90 seconds video made available yo BSN Sports said, “They are meant to write a letter to Nigeria Football Federation intimating us on what they want to do and how they want to achieve it because you can recall at the beginning of Covid 19 all football activities for now have been suspended. NFF cannot come out tomorrow to say that they have resumed football activities which also include any form of gathering in conducting an election.

“The next we heard is there is an election in Anambra, no supervision from NFF and no correspondence to the NFF. You cannot say that we don’t have a say over our affiliate. So, if you want to have an election our member must be there. Four years ago when they have an election, we have a member of the NFF executive committee, Ibrahim Gusau that was there.” He concluded.

Reacting to Amaju Pinnick’s stand on the Anambra FA election, Baribote claimed that the former Vice president of CAF was lying and misleading Nigerians.

In his words, “It is so unfortunate that the NFF president can come out on national television to mislead Nigerians.” Baribote said.

“In the interview on TV, he said sporting activities have been suspended in Nigeria, and I asked, did he remember that the same NFF through the league body organise virtual meeting of clubs and adopt clubs that will represent Nigeria in the continent using the PPG format?

He added ‘I have to also remind him that the same NFF directed the national league to have their Congress to decide no relegation no promotion just few weeks ago.

“The same NFF recently set up a Caretaker Committee to go to Anambra state forgetting that sporting activities have been suspended.

“If Amaju Pinnick has personal issues to settle with Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, it is not done using his office to fight him. I think the man deserves some respect. Club owner like Ifeanyi Ubah who provide platform for you to become the president should be respected. Coming to tell Nigerians that you have control over FA election is misleading because you have no control over your affiliate. The only control you have is to approve their statute and once you approved it, you don’t have any hold.

“You also lack the power to recognize or not to recognize affiliate election. FIFA cannot recognize or recognize NFF election. And I ask, who (from CAF and FIFA) supervised the NFF election in Warri that saw you winning your first term. Stop lying to Nigerians please.” He concluded.

BSN Sports investigation also revealed that the Anambra FA wrote to the NFF intimating the definition on the election.

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