Baribote Admonishes Pinnick-led NFF Over Anambra FA Election

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

Former second vice-president of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, Victor Baribote has expressed disapproval over setting up of the Caretaker Committee to take charge of the Anambra Football Association affairs, can report.

The NFF statute clearly stated that the Electoral Committee is the only body who has the power to conduct and announce winners in the FA election. The body on Monday swore in the winners after a successful elections conducted on Sunday.

NFF in a statement on Monday rejected the Anambra FA elections and announced that they will inaugurate a Caretaker Committee who takes over from the incumbent to organise and oversee another election.

Reacting to the NFF plot, Baribote criticises the federation describing it as a misdeed and lack of respect for the statute that guides them.

“Now it is very clear that the NFF led by Amaju Pinnick do not follow the statute that guide them.” Baribote tells BSN Sports.

“On Anambra FA election, they are now relying on article 85, which talked about the ‘force majeure’, which comes into play when ‘some matter don’t provided for’.

“Now, I need to take them back to Article 18 which clearly condemned interference in an independent election. It also enhanced the power of independency of the affiliate body. In this case, Anambra FA is an independent body while the NFF is an external body that lack the power to set up Caretaker Committee

“What they need to do is to put them on notice in line with the statute. So, they cannot rely on the one that favours them and disregard the other because they don’t want the person that won the election. We will not sit here and look at Amaju Pinnick to destroy Anambra state football.

“And Article 33 stated clearly how election should be conducted into the NFF board. They should respect all the provisions contained therein.” He concluded.

On Sunday, Senator Ifeanyi Ubah was re-elected to steer the ship of the Anambra State FA for the next four years. The Chairman and the board members were swore in on Monday.

Ifeanyi Ubah, on Sunday was re-elected to steer the ship of Anambra FA for the next four years.

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