Bandits Now Fleeing To Taraba, Benue, Prayer Force Network Says

Prayer Force Network (PFN) has alerted Nigerians that bandits are now leaving their current locations to Benue and Taraba States communities.

According to the prayer force network, the development is scary and a danger to National Security.

In a state issued by their national coordinator, Amb John Pofi, the prayer force network said the migration of bandits and terrorists to states like Benue and Taraba poses big danger.

“The information that is in circulation on social media which draws my attention and the need to raise an alarm before it is too late.

“For years we have been hearing about bandits going to villages on motorcycles well armed, they will maim their innocent and unprotected victims and leave without trace and by the time security men arrive the scene, they will be told that the hoodlums came in their hundreds, well armed on bikes.

“One begins to wonder the route they followed to attack their prey. Well, in the case at hand, there are security reports that bandits are fleeing to Benue and Taraba states. Taraba state in recent days has been in the news for series of attacks and in most cases, such attacks are closely related to what started in Borno state at the onset of Boko Haram,” the statement said adding that such sensitive information should not be swept under the carpet.

“I therefore, call on the federal government, particularly the president and commander in chief of the armed forces, Muhammadu Buhari to hasten up the process of thwarting their plans before it gets late.

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“Although he always claims ignorant of such incidents when they occur, but in this case, he has no alternative but to do the right thing.

“I must also emphasise the need for the authorities concerned to keep politics aside and do what is right,” the statement said.

According to Amb Pofi, he is making the announcement because Benue and Taraba states are PDP states adding that demonic politicians play politics with human lives, I must send a word of caution to them before innocent lives are lost especially now that there is rising tension all over the country over the cold blooded murder of Deborah in Sokoto.Security agencies must take action before it gets late,” the statement added.

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