Banditry, Insurgency Will Soon End – CAS

The Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Isiaka Oladayo Amao yesterday said that insurgency and banditry in parts of the country will soon end.

This is coming just as the Senate has called on the military to intensify its onslaughts against the insurgents and bandits for Nigeria to experience peace and development.

Speaking during the 2022 budget defence session before the Senate committee on Air Force, Amao said the insurgents of whatever faction – Boko Haram or ISWAP, have been devastatingly decimated and degraded with attendant loss of fighters and weapons on weekly basis adding that many of them have surrendered voluntarily.

“Required onslaughts tactically and strategically are already mapped out to rout out the remnants of the insurgents attacking villages and military outposts in pretence of still being potent .

” In line with the core mandate of the Air force and military generally, the territorial integrity of Nigeria is being protected from against the insurgents and bandits who in no distant time , will be completely wiped out”, Amao said.

Amao who said the 2021 budgetary allocations given the Air Force was judiciously used in prosecuting the war against insurgency, banditry as well as improving for the welfare of officers and men, added that the 2022 allocations will also be expended judiciously for similar purposes.

“In the face of challenges at hand, prudence and accountability have been the guiding principle of implementation of budgetary allocations by the Nigeria Air Force”, he said .

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Air Force, Bala Ibn Na’ Allah (APC Kebbi South), urged the military to use all the resources within its disposal in routing out the remnants of the insurgents in particular and make the forests uninhabitable for bandits, kidnappers and other criminals.

“The Air Force and by extension, the military generally, deserved commendation from Nigerians as far as war against insurgency and banditry are concerned but Nigerians want these enemies of the nation to be completely defeated as soon as possible.

“For us at this committee and in the National Assembly, required appropriations in terms of procurement of weapons, armaments and enhancement of welfare of officers and men in the military shall be made since essence of governance itself is security and welfare of citizenry “, he added.

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