Attack On Katsina Boys School Kankara: HURIWA Asks President Buhari To Take Responsibility For His Cocktails Of Failures Or Be Impeached

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

The HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) condemns the Federal Government and the Kastina State government for the spectacular security bbreaches that led to the kidnap of over 300 students of Government boys science secondary school Kankara, Kastina State. 

The lack of effectiveness and efficiency in securing any and all parts of Nigeria falls squarely on the desk of Mr. President so Mr. President has failed in his responsibility to protect Nigerians as clearly spelt out in section 14 (2)(B) of the 1999 Constitution which makes  security and the welfare of the people the Primary duty of the government. 

So Mr. President should own up to his cocktails of failures to protect the citizens of Nigeria.

Mr. President needs to take immediate steps to remedy these bad situations because Nigeria cannot continue to be a country of the primitice epoch whereby the citizens are killed or slaughtered like chickens at the whims and caprices of non  state actors and the government that is elected primarily to protect the citizens has been busy since five years in lamentation and mourning.  

These ugly situations have gone on for far too long than Nigerians can tolerate. Enough is enough. 

Taking responsibility by the President  means dismissing persons who have failed to discharge their obligation to the people of Nigeria and these persons are all in Katsina State. These people are first the Governor of Kastina State who needs to be impeached by the Katsina State House of Assembly. Others are the Commissioner of Police in Kastina State;  the director of Department of States Services  (DSS) in Kastina state and the state Commandants of all the paramilitary and the military in Kastina state. 

If Mr. President is truly the Commander- in -Chief of the Armed Forces in Nigeria, he should dismiss the people who have failed in discharging their duties if on the other hand the President fails  to take actions, it therefore means that the President tolerates impunity and in that case the National assembly should impeach the president, because it is an impeachable offence, that is if the National Assembly members are not Cowards but if they are, then we can live with the reality of our situation as a doomed Nation. The National Assembly should indeed constitute independent medical examiners to conduct thorough checks to ascertain the health status of the President because he is not showing empathy with the victims of these dozens of killings and he failed to go to the National Assembly to tell Nigerians why he can’t protect Nigerians and Nigeria but instead he flew into Katsina State and he was in Katsina when these boys were kidnapped but rather than visit the school, he stated back in his private residence when he is allegedly inspecting his private cattle ranch. Something is not right somewhere and the National Assembly is in this conspiracy to destroy Nigeria by failing to compel the appearance or medical examination of the mental capacity of the Commander in chief who has in five years failed to win the war on terror.  

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