Atiku’s Daughter Flags Off Building Of Community Development Center

Daughter of former Nigeria’s Vice President, Hauwa Uwais- Atiku Abubakar has flagged off building of community development centre in Jada to be equipped with world-class sporting facilities.

Jada Local Government Area of Adamawa State is the birth place of Atiku Abubakar but Hauwa, his daughter said the building complex that will be equipped with world class sport facilities will revolutionise development in four local governments and create jobs.

Hauwa told LEADERSHIP that she will build the community development centre in all the six- geopolitical zones of the country adding that the focus was not only Jada haven done humanitarian works in many parts of the country including Abuja.

“They say that home is where the heart is, and Jada holds the warmest position, not just in my heart, but for all of my family as well, and so it was an easy decision to situate this laudable project here,” Hauwa said adding that people of Jada, Ganye, Toungo and Mayo are all her people and will all benefit from it.

The humanitarian said in building the Hauwa Centre for Community Development, she agreed with the architectural firm in charge, to use only eco-friendly materials that are sustainable.

“Not only are these materials healthy for the environment, they are so sustainable, in fact, that they are expected to remain standing after our life time.

“This is beyond football, class rooms and relaxation spots for me, it is a legacy that I am burdened to bequeath to our people and it is important that our children and their children also enjoy the benefits of what we achieve here today. Because this center will serve four local government areas, it is being built with a sense of community, our biggest strength in this axis. We love each other and our shared values were very key when we designed the project,” Hauwa said.

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“I run a platform called The Conversation With Hauwa Atiku-Uwais and it teaches Nigerians of all ages to actively participate in the politics that shapes their present and future. The Conversation has engaged thousands of Nigerians and we now know their needs, fears and challenges.

“Because sport is an important component of national development, I am importing a 30 meters by 60 meters, 7-aside astro-turf for football and handball. Our youths will be able to play their favourite games on a world class pitch. I hope that this will spur them to be better motivated and to shun criminal activities that are capable of ruining their future.

“This is not my first involvement in soccer. In October 2020, I sponsored the inaugural edition of the Hauwa Atiku-Uwais 5-aside soccer tournament in Abuja. It was a festival that did not just address football but political and academic education of young people as well.

“Leveraging on the success of that event and knowing how much my people love sports, I had no choice but replicate the same here, on a much larger scale.

“We are also building a relaxation spot where tired minds and bodies can rest after playing either football or basketball, volleyball, table tennis, snooker and badminton, in our multipurpose court to be situate in this very compound.

“Education has always been the propeller for human resource development. At no age is a human being too old to learn. And so, we will have facilities for adulting education classes too. Northern Nigeria has the highest illiteracy rates but people from this axis love education and we will support those who missed out in their earlier years to learn within the four walls of a classroom. For community gatherings we are building also, a multipurpose hall that can seat between 120 to 150 people. The figures may vary, depending on the occasion. Upon completion the center will also feature male and female restrooms, jerseyu changing rooms, a sports equipment sales store and food courts. The idea is to bring ‘world-class’ to our people. You deserve the best and the best is not to be seen only in television: you can own it too. This project is my social contract with you. We must be partners in this journey because, in the end, we all benefit. I promise to do the best I can to deliver on my promises and to carry everyone along, ” she added.

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Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony in Jada, the member representing Michika/Madagali Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Zakaria Nyampa commended Hauwa for her foresight.

According to Nyampa, Hauwa’s gesture is visionary and will help the communities feel the pulse of development.

“As a young woman, I commend her foresight. This is a project she is embarking in all the six geopolitical zones of the country. She is emulating her father which is what all young men and women should be doing,” Nyampa said while assuring that the project will be supported for the common good of the people of Adamawa State and Nigeria at large.

“This is a laudable project. It is first of it kind in Adamawa State and many people will benefit from it. We are happy with Hauwa’s gesture and foresight. We are going to lend our support to ensure the vision is not only achieved, but benefit the people it is meant for,” he added.

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