Atheist, Mubarak Bala, Arrested For Allegedly Insulting Prophet

An atheist, Mubarak Bala, has been arrested by the Kaduna State Police Command for allegedly insulting Prophet Mohammed on his Facebook page.

He was said to have been arrested at his residence in Kaduna after a group of lawyers forwarded a petition to the Kano Commissioner of Police to prosecute him for the alleged inciting comments.

The petition by the group, which was signed by one S.S. Umar reads in part: “We are submitting this complaint against one Mubarak Bala of Layin Masallacin Bilai, Karkasara Quarters, Kano.

“The said Mubarak was born and raised as a Muslim but for his own personal reason decided to leave Islam for atheism sometime in 2014 and has since then been writing stuff on his Facebook page that are provocative and annoying to the Muslims.”

Another petition by titled ‘Mubarak Bala’s Facebook Account Should be Closed,’ started about three days ago, has been signed by 16,942 people as of Wednesday morning.

Bala may be tried under the Sharia Penal Code for blasphemy.

On Monday, Bala had posted: “Fact is, you have no life after this one. You have been dead before, long before you were born, billions of years on death.”

He is also known to have attacked Christian clerics through his posts on Facebook in the past.

Responding to enquiries on the arrest, the Police Public Relations Officer in Kaduna State, Mohammed Jalige, said: “I cannot tell you anything about the offence, why he was arrested. We only received a signal that he should be arrested. It is not our case. The case is (for) Kano State Command.”

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When asked if the suspect would be transferred to Kano, Jalige responded: “I don’t know actually. We are waiting for further directives from Kano State Command. He was arrested yesterday. He is in police custody currently.”

Bala, in 2014, when he was 29-year-old, was forcefully committed by his family to a psychiatric hospital in Kano when he renounced Islam.

He was later discharged from the psychiatric hospital after he was declared sane.

The petition that let to his arrest

4 thoughts on “Atheist, Mubarak Bala, Arrested For Allegedly Insulting Prophet

    1. The ahteist man has cursed tension and ciaos around the globe . I never regard him as a lernered person some one who does not believe in God . stupid of him anyway a coward and useless entity in the society if I have my way I will shoot the bastard . here is some question for him to answer who make the sun rise , the rainfall , the mother carring a baby for good nine month . health all this attributes who made them all . u think is your philosophy that does all this. Well I don’t have time to waste on empty entity an animal a beast Mubarak Bala you shall soon face the wrath of the people I peraonlally will kill you my self I await and see how the trial will go I know where to find you consider yourself as a dead man .

  1. Wannan ra’ayin sane dama shirya a hannu Allah take kuma baiyi alkawarin zai shiryar da kowaba dole akwai irinsu Mubarak bala.
    Abunda gwannatin jihar kano bazata yarda dashiba dama shine batanci ga addini da cin mutunci masu daraja dama akwai irinsa dayawa aban kasa kafin sa ma anyi wasu shima zai zama tarihi yakuma je yatarar da abunda ya shuka inaga ananne kawai zai fahimci akwai Allah.

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