By Muhammad Haruna

Dodum! Dodum! Dodum! My heart kept beating.

It was my first fight, after months of intensive training just so I can beat Kaiguna. A fifteen years old boy. I was seventeen then, but against an opponent like Kaiguna, age is just a number.

“Coward!” He barked.

The entire crowd kept chanting “Kaiguna! Kaiguna! Kaiguna! Kaiguna!”.

You can feel the energy of the audience encrypting the atmosphere, a feeling no true fighter can resist. As the sun shines, sending its scorching heat upon us. Kaiguna, the ultimate wrestler as they call him, kept roaming around the ring like a hungry lion.

“Are you sure you can do this?” The ref whispered to me.

“Yes. Yes, I can do it.”

“Ok then, but remember to just fall on your back when the fight starts getting too rough, that will save you from the torturing grip of Kaiguna”. He said.

“We don’t have all day oo! Let the fight start already!”

“Are you afraid of Kaiguna!”


“You can’t defeat the ultimate wrestler!” The crowd descended the wrath of their desperation at me, they couldn’t wait any longer to see me get tossed like a coin.

“You can do this Ramo!” My uncle called out to me.

Face to face I was with Kaiguna in the ring, I could see the rage in his unusual red eyes. Rumor has it that he eats raw pepper before every fight. His stare alone were too fierce for a fifteen years old, and he was the shortest wrestler of our wrestling division.

“Fight!” The ref instructed.

Our hands hocked, our chests collided, and we began to struggle. We grabbled and hurtled until the ref called the end of the first round.

“Hey! Coward!” Kaiguna pointed his index finger at me, “I promise you that you will not last to the end of this round. Eyaaay!” He clamored.

“Come closer.” The ref ordered.

“Fight!” He said.

We ran to each other and locked fingers, struggling to make a take down. Kaiguna had his hands around my waist getting ready to lift me up, and hopefully take me down. I kept on struggling to loose his grip, but the ultimate wrestler was too strong for me. We raised dust from our struggle, you would think two elephants were fighting. And at that moment, it was as if I was fighting an elephant. Kaiguna was just too strong for his age, no wonder he was undefeated since he started wrestling three years ago.

We kept on struggling and pushing each other back and forth, I had already began to lose hope of winning. Then I looked towards my uncle’s direction, and I saw him took out a small mirror from his animal-skin bag, placed it on the ground and broke it with a stamp. Everyone else were too busy to notice him. Kaiguna had already gotten one of my leg off the ground, when I felt his grip loosened. Like a man possessed, I cleared Kaiguna’s legs from the ground and lifted him up. The crowd went “Eiyyy!” before I laid him back first onto the ground.

“Ramo has done it! Ramo has defeated the ultimate wrestler!” Were the words that echoed.
My uncle ran into the ring and raised me up on his shoulders, dancing around in jubilation.

A new champion, and with a smirk on my face I took all the accolades.

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