As Zaura Flourish Like A Green Bay Tree

His presence in Kano spikes most politician’s guns!

Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkarim Zaura fondly called A. A.Zaura is synonymous with the new face of hope for the Kano indigenes. Many express that his presence spikes most politicians’ guns because they knew that Kano has turned to the new rebounds for his forthright and limitless philanthropic gestures.

The honest businessman turned politician is colorless. He flourishes into his dear state with a clear mind in order to make progress. His recent trip to Kano over the weekend has sent a signal that when the eagle lands, parrots keep mum!

Zaura’s unprecedented life of service is so calculative that even some opponents knew truly well that their ideas will never fly in as much as the master of the game is in the building! Nothing is more inspiring and descriptive of human endeavors than French poet and novelist, Victor Hugo’swords, who says – “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come,” and this aptly captures the trajectory of service and humanity of the seasoned politician and an experienced technocrat who has achieved distinction in many fields of human endeavor – A. A. Zaura!

It is noteworthy that Zaura is an ardent believer in developing distinct approaches needed to help the people thrive in various aspects of human aspiration. He has been able to empower many individuals and groups and has also inculcated in them the need for hard work.

His pertinacity ensures that every job is carried out to the letter. He is a team player and understands teamwork, he is very keen on jobs creation, so as to ensure that the people, especially the youths are given the needed support and opportunity in all spheres of human endeavor.

Many people are surprised at how and why Zaura has remained a perfect blend of wisdom, compassion, and practical experience. If you follow closely the trajectory of the Honourable, you will realize that he centers his life and leadership around such timeless principles as fairness, commitment, equity, justice, integrity, and compassion which constitute the roots of every person, family, or institution that has ever succeeded. It is these same principles that he teaches the people around him.

From Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura we have come to realize that people-centered leaders don’t overreact to negative behaviors, criticism, or human weaknesses. Because they know that, behavior and potential are two different things, and they believe in the unseen potentials of all people.

Many feel grateful for their blessings and feel natural to forgive and forget the offenses of others. They don’t carry grudges. They refuse to label and prejudge others, rather, they see the oak tree in the acorn and understand the process of helping the acorn become a great oak.

Zaura has therefore restored the visibility of people-oriented leadership to critical acclaim for now and posterity in Kano.

To be candid, he radiates positive energy, because he is a principle-centered leader, his countenance is always simple, cheerful, and pleasant. His attitude is optimistic, positive, and upbeat. His spirit, enthusiastic, hopeful, and believing that A. A. Zaura is a seasoned administrator and a politician of repute.

The truthful businessman cum politician has received several awards from different bodies and organizations for his immense contributions to the betterment of the lives of individuals and organizations. He is a member of several social, educational and philanthropic organizations.

No doubt he remains very dear to the hearts of GovernorAbdullahi Umar Ganduje and all the movers and shakers of Kano State. He possesses great qualities and the capacity, and has all it takes to contest, win, and effectively govern Kano State!

With his wealth of experience in Kano politics, his dream is to ensure the victory of his beloved party, and the people of Kano on their part are very enthusiastic because his party from inception has always enjoyed a good relationship with the good people of the State.

Behold Zaura is more or less seen as the planner most youths look after. Now, the question on the people’s lips in Kano State is – ‘who is more qualified than A. A. Zaura?’

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