Armed Robbers Target Travellers On Nasarawa Roads

Armed robbers have devised new means of tracking their victims, especially those playing Akwanga/Jos, Lafia/Akwanga, Wamba/Akwanga and Keffi/Akwanga roads, all in Nasarawa State.

Some victims of the robbery attacks said, at times robbers shoot at target from a nearby bush or they will block the road, robbed and allow vehicles to move freely so that on coming vehicles will not suspect something was going on.

Those playing these four federal highways, both in the day and nights, are counting their losses on daily basis owing to the activities of armed robbers.

“They don’t do road block again, they will hide in a near bush and shoot at a moving vehicle, when they succeed in punching the tyres, they will descend on passengers and collect all their money and other valuables”

“At times they appeared in either military or police uniforms to robbed people and they connived with some indegenes of the villages around the flash points to carry out their nefferous act”

“Just last week Wednesday, they robbed on the Ningo sharp bend as you are heading to Jos, they appeared on military uniforms; they stopped cars robbed passengers and let cars moved, for other on coming vehicles not to suspect there was robbery going on”

“If you come they will come and said you are late why? Any amount you have, they will collect and let your car move on, so that they can get another one” a victim said.

The flash points of the daily robbery cases are Goho, a village between Andaha and Nunku, and the two sharp bends before Ningo village, all in Akwanga local government area of Nasarawa State.

Other flash point also in Akwanga local government area is Aricha village on Akwanga/Keffi highway and about five to six others on Akwanga/Wamba road.

Others are Làfia/Nasarawa Eggon road, near the camp of a Chinese construction firm handling the dualization of the road and other major roads in the state.

Police spokesperson in the state, Nansel Rahman, who confirmed the robbery cases, disclosed that the command had established special anti robbery nipping points to track down robbers in the state.

He said the state commissioner of police, Emmanuel Bola Longe, has ordered that special patrol vehicles be stationed on the flash points 24 hours to curb robbery activities.

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