Are We All Slaves To Corporations And The Government?

By James Patrick

Rush down to any dictionary close to you and check the full meaning of a slave, then you would probably get a glimpse of what am about to say here. I just rushed down to my own dictionary to confirm my definition. It defines a slave as: ” someone who is entirely owned, dominated and controlled by some influence or persons.” Do yourself a favor, juxtapose this definition with the life of an average Nigerian living in this democratic dispensation, you would agree with me that our lives are nothing but a true picture of the above definition. In Nigeria, we the citizens pay people to rule over us, rule over our destines and rule over our scares resources. We pay people to steal, loot and syphon our common wealth ( instead of them to work for us, we work for them. Instead of those in government to provide us with basic necessities, amenities or social services, we are the once servicing their stay in office.). We pay other people to govern our environment, to provide us with security, to protect us from bandits, kidnappers or fulani herdsman. They said salvation is free all over the world, but In this country, we pay people to preach the free gospel of salvation unto us. We pay people to receive our miracle. We pay to receive divine guidance, divine protection or divine direction. We also pay either directly or indirectly to have access to God our creator in our worship centers. In Nigeria, we pay for electricity – the same electricity that we generated using tax payers money – our money. We pay heavily for the same PMS (premium motor spirit) that divinity has given unto us freely to enjoy. Just tell me what we are not paying for in this God forsaken country. Beside the free air we breath as Nigerians, we pay for everything. We pay for water bill, we pay for the place to lay our heads, we pay for our education hundreds percent without any subsidy from the government. We equally pay to receive health care services even right in a government hospitals. We pay to keep our hard earned money in our banks. We also pay another different kind of charges to remove the same money we paid the financial institution to keep for us. We pay to open an account and we also pay for an ordinary plastic card given to us call ATM (they call it card maintenance fee). I can go on and on like a book in rummaging how we pay for everything in this country. It seem like the system was purposely designed to enslave the people of this country. It looks like the entire economic structure of Nigeria was strategically designed to rip the people off and perpetually keep them to keep paying to sustain those in government. The gullible people are like crowd of brainless, brainwashed and brain dead zombies conditioned to keep both the government and corporations afloat. All the citizens of Nigerian do is to work hard, work smart for many hours every day and night only to pay bills upon bill. Before they receive their meager take home pay, the government must have removed their taxes which is used to sustain the government. After that, the worker has mountain of bills ranging from house rent, school fee, electricity, security, hospital bill, water bill, dustbin bill, account maintenance bill, subscription bill to name but a few. Those evil geniuses who designed this wicked system did it so well that even the so called well enlightened minds among us fall into the trap of paying for everything. Not only that, this bill we pay do not have a fixed payment rate but our salaries or allowance are fixed ( till date, state like Kogi, Niger, Ekiti are not paying the thirty thousand naira minimum wage). This bill keep on increasing in cost as the days go by, thereby increasing the pressure on ordinary Nigerians. Not too long we had subsidy removal on PMS in this country. What that simple mean is that we have to pay more now with a fixed income, more than what we used to pay before in purchasing the same fuel God has given to us for free. Two days ago. The NERC( National Electricity Regulatory Commission) made an announcement that it has increased electricity tariff by 50%. What that simple means is that we Nigerians will have to pay more for darkness. In this same system, our VAT ( Value added tax) was increased from 5% to 7.5%.. In a nutshell, where does all the money we pay for all these unending bills goes to – you are right if you say they find their way into the hands of the government and various corporate institution. Look at it this way, you spend all your life working to earn money right? Then, you use the money to pay tax, bill or buy food stuff which are susceptible to increase in prices due to inflation or high interest rate like we have now in Nigeria. The money you earned as salary at the end of the month goes to either the government or corporations. At the end of the day, you would be left with nothing. The following month, you do the same thing – working hard to earn money that would be spent in paying all manner of bills, then the circle of exploitation continues until you grow old and die broke with nothing to show for. So you are apparently not working for yourself but for the government and corporate institutions. Think deep! Take a critical look at the Nigerian economic structure, you would notice that it is no better than slavery during the slave trade period where slaves work like beast of burden just to make their slave master wealthy. It is also not different with Feudalism where the serfs work the farmland just to enrich their feudal lords or during colonialism; where the colony work to prosper the metropolis .
All am saying is that this system is too cruel to the masses. This economic structure in Nigeria is too wicked, its too barbaric, its too satanic. We all need to keep all our ethno-religion differences aside as Nigerian to fight this heinous politicians, religion leaders, captain of industries and our elsewhile colonial masters who have structured this modern slavery we now find ourselves. Today, its so expensive to be a Nigerian, so expensive to survive in Nigeria, not because life is that difficult on its own accord, but because some people somewhere who structured this exploitative system did it in such a way that Nigerians keep working, living or surviving as slaves, so that they will keep enjoying the fruit of our labour. Dear Nigerians stand up. My humble youths of Nigeria please we need to get up, we need to rise up to fight this exploitative system that continues to impoverish us year in year out. This is a clarion call for all the youths in this country. The problems is not APC or PDP. Its not Christianity or Islam, its not North or South, its not Hausa vs Igbo or Yoruba. Its is about our collective treasure that some few crooks have decided to hijack. Its about the resource of an entire country that keeps on finding its way into the hands of few thieves through an exploitative economic system they was designed to favour themselves and legitimize or legalize their Criminal actions.

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