Arch Tukur: The Making Of A Political Silencer


Tukur: “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves,” —Lao Tzu

Following a huge political gap created by the elevation of Sen Abdullahi Adamu to the position of Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), the need to find, not just a replacement, but someone with potentials to fill in quickly has come up and many believed Arch Tukur fits in.

Sen Adamu, easily the Chief priest of Nasarawa West senatorial zone where Tukur comes from, and arguably the Oracle of the state politics, did not just cement the place of the Zone as the political capital of the state, but worked assiduously to etch the zone in the political consciences of the country while in the Senate.

Though, apart from Tukur, a handful of eminently qualified personalities have already indicated their interest to take a shot at the plum Seat, political pundits are unanimous in their opinions that what the zone needs is not just a replacement but someone with equal dose of Honesty, Godliness, Accessibility, Trustworthiness and Reliability, if the tempo already set by the outgoing Senator for the Zone in the Senate must be maintained.

It is against this backdrop that by popular approvals and demands and without fear of contradiction, one name foots the bill: Arch Shehu Ahmed Tukur (ASAT).

Unassuming but with eyes steadily set on the goal, it would take more than a passing interest for one to notice the presence of Tukur, anywhere. He is of the school of thoughts that epitomises the dictum of less talk, more results.

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Discerning constituents must have taken notice that Arch Tukur is the late entrants, atleast, publicly, into the race. That is partly true. Many reasons are responsible for this. The saying goes that he who fails to plan, plans to fail and that it is often not how fast one comes but how well.

Characteristically, before his public declaration, alot had gone in behind the curtains and the resounding results of the consultations was a resounding “Yes” to his apiration by the critical stakeholders.

Consequently, it is safe to now submit that Arch Tukur is in the race to win and not merely out to be counted among those who who showed their interest.

Recognising that it is only natural to” climb a tree” from the bottom, Arch Tukur rightly commenced his journey by consulting with all the critical stakeholders, thereby giving due regards to those who deserves same.

He believes that like every political architecture, it is democratic to have a select few whose place as “fixers of things” cannot be discountenanced. These people get to this position either by their personal achievements, lineage and / or personal charisma. They are always on the sidelines, sometimes, not even seen nor heard, but decide who gets what and when in the society.

They are the unseen hands that once placed on one, one is more likely going to breast the tape than kiss the dust. At the risk of sounding immodest and by the grace of God, this group are at home with the aspiration of Arch Tukur. They have come to agree that with Arch Tukur, what is “God’s would be given to God and Caeser’s to Caeser.”

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They are convinced that Arch Tukur’s representation would rather usher in and not disturb the existing correlation between the establishment and the led, where the place of both the traditional and political trailblazers are assured.

Similarly, in party politics, one quality that takes one far is one’s ability to be loyal to the party and its leadership. Arch Tukur was one of those who contested the primary that saw Governor Abdullahi A. Sule wining. It is on records that while he was at it he never engaged in or sponsored any scandal, controversy or mudslinging of any kind whether against the party, his co-contenders or party leadership. When he didn’t make it he took it in good faith and maintained his support and contributions to the growth of the party.

In this wise, stakeholders have all agreed that when good faith and dedication to the cause of the party is on the table, Arch Tukur stands tall above others.

Nigeria, being a country with bicameral legislature at the federal level, has two Houses of Parliaments, to wit: the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Of these two, there are many features that stands out the Senate as the Senior in rank and respectability. For instance, whereas, you have multiple numbers of House members depending on the size of a state, each state of the federation has only three numbers of Senators, irrespective of its size or real/perceived importance. It is the levelers of all the states in the country.

The Senate is also ahead of the House of Representatives when their powers are juxtaposed. The powers to approve/confirm nominations of appointees from the Executive arm of the Senate is to the exclusion of the House of Representatives.

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No wonder then that though not statutory enabled, the Senate is increasingly becoming a den of experienced (ex Governors), successful professionals and people imbued with enough wisdom (age) to help the Executive arm steers the country towards stability and sustainable development rather than those with infantile penchant to rock the boat.

In Arch Tukur, all of these qualities and even more are found. As a Senior member of the Nigerian Community of Architects, Tukur looms large on the scale of professional success story book. His contributions to the growth of the profession are well documented.

Again, being a priced member of the fifth floor (mid 50s), it would be safe to conclude that if elected to the red Chamber, Arch Tukur would be among his peers and would not look like a fish out water. It takes one’s of gut to get results for one’s consituency in the Senate. It takes one with the right success story, wisdom and contacts to lobby, make alignments and sometimes, even cajole fellow senators to achieve results.

Bouyed by these qualities of his and endorsements from the critical stakeholders, Arch Tukur is looking forward to the primary with hope for a resounding victory, insha Allah.


Barr Adamu writes from Keffi

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