Arak Chiefdom Still A Proposal, Numana Association Says

The Numana Development Association Concern Citizen in Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna State has said that Arak Chiefdom has not been created out of Gwantu Chiefdom stating that the issue is still a proposal.

In a statement issued by Madaki Emmanuel Agom, the association said Kaduna State governor Malam Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai, in a bid to carry his people along in developmental policies and programmes, proposed a draft bill to restructure the traditional institution in the state, subjected the bill to the public for scrutiny.

“In a bid to achieve this, he mandated all Emirates and Chiefdoms to have audience with their subjects and submit the public opinion within seven days in a Council of Chiefs Meeting.

“His Royal Highness Etum Gwantu, Grig Gen Iliya Aliyu Yamma ((rtd) organised a Town Hall meeting on the 27th March, 2021 and 28th March, 2021 respectively to get inputs from all associations and clans in the chiefdoms which was in the open but, ASP Bala Audu, a serving police officer who is the ADC to the Executive Governor of Edo State was not in attendance and does not know the nature, content, aims and the intention of the draft bill.

“But ASP Bala Audu, displays his ignorant and misled the public in his press briefing which he told the media “Palace Monitor” that Arak Chiefdoms has already been created from Gwantu Chiefdom.

“This is still a proposed bill. He also misled Kaduna State Government that one of the prominent traditional ruler in Kaduna State was having meetings with some tribes in Sanga, inciting them against the government policies which is not true,” the statement said.

“We don’t know where he gathered this fictitious information. We wish to counter and correct the wrong impression created by ASP Bala Audu.

“It is unfortunate that a serving police officer who is trained professionally to maintain law and order is reneging from such a legal duty and hiding under a union to incite his own community against his traditional ruler,” the association said while giving the Police officer seven days to withdrawal his write-up and to tender an unreserved apology to Etum Gwantu and the people in two different National Dailies.

“Failure to do so, we shall have no other option than to look for remedy for blackmailing His Royal Highness, our royal father,” the association said adding that Gwantu Chiefdom will not want to witness any reoccurrence of the past ugly incident of killings and assassinations that occurred in the Traditional Council Palace.

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