APC’s Suicide Mission And Jonathan’s Prove Of Cluelessness, By Amb John Pofi 

The manner in which politicians especially in the APC see Nigerians is like a picture I once saw on social media where a politician stood on a podium with a public address system addressing a herd of cows and the cows were looking at the man keenly. The picture has a caption this; “this is how politicians see the citizens when delivering lies.”


If you are a good student of history, you will easily recall how most of the current members of the ruling APC insulted, humiliated, castigated, relegated, disrespected, abused, dehumanised, betrayed and booted Goodluck Ebele Jonathan out of office. You will also recall that at a point, the traumatised, rejected and dejected Jonathan came out crying that he is the most insulted president in the world.


I remember in 2014, the APC described Jonathan’s administration as “prodigiously” corrupt, at a point they asked him to resign because Boko Haram is festering under him, in fact he is their sponsor. They said he is clueless, focus less, directionless, weak and a drunk.


It was at the height of the torrents of criticisms from the APC that the then helpless Jonathan said, ” I am the most abused and insulted president in the world…” If I can ask Jonathan now, who were the people that insulted you?.


This same set of people in the APC are the ones saying Jonathan is no longer corrupt, he is not clueless and maybe he has now repented from drinking toxic alcohol that was making him run the most corrupt and directionless administration in the history of mankind.

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I saw the post below in a platform and could not identify the original writer: “Assuming Jonathan gets an APC ticket to contest the presidential election, APC leaders like Buhari and Tinubu will now mount the campaign podium and say; 1. Vote for Goodluck Jonathan, remember when he was president, bag of rice was # 7,000, petrol was # 87 and US dollar was # 197. Rice is now # 30,000 per bag, petrol is # 175 and even # 200 per litre in some places and U S  dollar is now # 600.


  1. Vote for Jonathan, he will fix everything that we used 8 years to destroy……”


The above writer has summarised many things running in the minds of many Nigerians. What will they tell us about Jonathan now ? 


Politicians easily forget things, let them ask Adams Oshiomole who demarketed Pasto Iyamu and later tried in futility to sell him.


The manner in which Nigerian politicians are taking the citizens for a ride is quite disheartening and highly unpleasant to body, soul and spirit. May God deliver us from the hands of rogues who parade themselves as rulers.


Amb John Pofi is the national coordinator, Prayer Force Network 


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