APC Is A Congress Of Hypocrites, Liars, By Amb John Pofi 


I am not a member of the All Progressives Congress and I don’t intend to join what some people called, “Almajiri Problematic Congress” lately except when they change from a gathering of confused, undirected, and primitive looters, then I may contemplate joining them, but for now, NO!

What propelled me to put up this write up is to remind this bunch of hypocrites that all the accusations they threw at the opposition Peoples Democratic Party some years back, they are doing fifty times worst.

It is a pedestrian knowledge that over eighty percent of the members of the APC defected from the PDP and reasons been that there was imposition, hijacking of key positions by a microscopic few, high cost of nomination and declaration of interest forms, lack of internal democracy, impunity and corruption to mention a few. Today, the table has turned, and suddenly, “saints” are supervising one of the most corrupt, useless, focus less, direction less, clueless inhuman and barbaric administration in the history of mankind with bloodbath and hardship increasing at geometrical rates.

This is one of the reasons that the APC is suffering mass defection even from Katsina the home state of the president. I must salute the courage of my friend, Solomon Dalung, Buhari’s first minister of sports who has also seen the light and has been bothered by moral burden of falsehood and left the APC saying they didn’t fulfill any of their promises to Nigerians. As hours turn into days, we will witness mass exodus from the APC.

I saw this on the social media ” The salary of the President is ₦30,000,000 annually. APC nomination form alone is more than 3 years salary for a 4 year tenure.” And if this is true, then president Muhammadu Buhari is a leader of fellow hypocrites and a genetical liar of the first order. How much did he claim he had in his account when he lied that a group bought nomination form for him? It is sad that this is happening under his supervision.

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He also lied that he will hand over power to the youths in 2023 and now the least price of a form is two million naira for house of assembly and for governor, fifty million naira. Is that how to hand over to the youths?

As it stands, APC has no moral right to castigate any opposition party because all their promises have failed woefully, true to what they are being called in some quarters, ALL PROMISES CANCEL , APC, and Nigerians are not happy with them.

What the APC is doing means no end in sight to god fatherism, money politics and corruption to regain what was spent during electioneering.

It is time for the purported Independent National Electoral Commission, if at all it is independent to use the big stick and insist on the amount of money pecked for campaigns to remain sacrosanct.

May God deliver us from the hands of these rogues who came in the name of leaders.


Pofi is the National Coordinator, Prayer Force Network

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