APC Chieftain, Ajumbe Backs Nigeria’s Ban On Twitter

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Imo State and former State Commissioner for Information, Tourism and Public Utilities, Prof Vitalis Ajumbe has hailed the Federal Government for suspending the operations of the micro blogging and social networking service, Twitter in Nigeria.
In a statement he personally signed, Ajumbe said the ban became necessary, considering the indiscriminate use of the platform by those who threaten Nigeria’s unity and corporate existence.
“The federal government should be commended and not vilified for taking a wise decision by suspending the operations of Twitter in Nigeria.
“It is regrettable that Twitter availed its platform to those who spewed messages of hate, which was capable of disintegrating the country.
“And no government will watch and allow those who fan the embers of discord continue to use their platforms that aid the dissemination of hate and divisive messages”Ajumbe stated.
Ajumbe who condemned Twitter for deleting a tweet of President Muhammadu Buhari, added that the President only expressed his views on rising insecurity in the country, and proffered ways of tackling it.
“The President’s comments were not genocidal or targeted against any tribe. He simply said he was going to deal headon the alarming rate of insecurity across the country,” Ajumbe said adding that it was wrong for Twitter to have deleted the President’s post, which was completely twisted out of context to suit the divisive tendencies of those against the unity of the country.
Source: Innonews

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