Andoma Of Doma Advocates Involvement Of Traditional Rulers In Community Policing

By Danjuma Joseph Lafia

A first class traditional ruler in Nasarawa State, Alhaji Ahmadu Ogah Onawo, said for any effective community policing that will ensure safety of the people, traditional rulers in the country must be involved.

Ahmadu Onawo, who is the Andoma of Doma and the spiritual head of Alago nation, said the responsibility of ensuring peace, unity and safety of any community is saddled upon the traditional rulers of various ethnic groups.

The Andoma in an exclusive interview in his palace at Doma on Saturday, opined that traditional rulers as the custodian of the culture and values of their various communities must be involved for effective community policing.

The royal father who applauded the IG, Mohammed Adamu, for re-introduction community policing, noted that policing in the olden days, used to be under traditional rulers, as such he advised government to revert to yester years.

He also called on the government to make available logistics to traditional rulers in order to further the course of discharging their mandates as the custodians of the cultures of the people.

Andoma, lamented the removal of key institutions which were originally under the palaces control, saying since the removal of the prisons, police and native court by contemporary administration, has brought about sharp collapse in the administration of justice.

“Now the contemporary administration is thinking of institutionalising community policing which was in the palace system of administration.

“Government have no choice but to involved traditional institutions ,who are directly responsible to their people, the traditional rulers in the past are the ones know who is a stranger, what is his mission and for how long will he stay while in the community.

“Traditional rulers, like in my kingdom here in Doma, if I must be the one that would sleep last just to make sure that everywhere is safe and wakes up first to ensure that my people’s need are solved, i have always done that even before such persons say their prayer”

“So the role of the traditional institutions in community policing can not be undermined as involving them is key to achieving the needed safety that is anticipated by the government.

“This also means that with or without, a traditional ruler is responsive to community needs, safety and he is the one that should be saddled with the duties of ensuring a safe environment, which also goes to say some of the components as the control of police, the court system and even the prisons should be an affairs in the palace administration” he said.

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