Americans Making Same Mistake, Nigerians Made In 2015

By James Patrick

That popular saying that, “you never know the value of what you have until the very day you lost it” has become the reality of those of us living in Nigeria today. For those of us living in the northern part of Nigeria can testify that these terrorists; call them bandits, insurgents, kidnappers or Fulani herdsmen I don’t care. Give them which ever name you feel is most appropriate for them, that’s you opinion. But one thing very glaring is that these hell boys are causing lots of fear, death and panic all over the northern part of this country. What matter here is that our lives are no longer secured. The high level of insecurity in this country is at it peak under this present Government that came into power on the promises that they would end boko haram within six months after they assumed office.
They did everything possible to make us discredit the government of PDP, criticizing them for their poor handling of the security situation in the country back then. The APC cash in on the the few terrorist attack taking place, mostly in Maiduguri and Adamawa state to rubbish the government of PDP. Nigerians believed that this guys would secure their country once they get into power. so we all voted the government of Goodluck out of power because we believed he was inactive, indecisive, clueless and lacked the security intelligence to end terrorism in the country. We all voted in the Government of a supposedly veteran military General, whom we naively believed would send the boko boys down to the abyss. Nigerian voted for the APC on the mantra they sold unto us in their manifesto, that they have the perfect solution to swiftly defeat insurgency in the Country. It’s over six years now since this Government came into power, the entire country has never been unsecured as it is this very day.

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Terrorists under different nomenclature have overran our security network in this country and have made caricature of our security men. The daily blood bath going on almost in every corner, in every northern state is better left to be imagined. No life is safe as at today, even the so called rich among us are no longer free to travel around like they use to. They could be kidnapped right inside their bedroom, in their well secured mansion. They could also be kidnapped on their way to work or while they travel by road from Kaduna to Abuja. Let’s not talk about the bad economic policies of this government that continues to sink millions of able bodied Nigerians inside the toilet of extreme poverty. We are just here to discuss the security situation of this country under the government we all votes into power, thinking would bring an end to the spate of insurgency in the country.

They came in and made everything worst than they met it. Almost all the northern state are no longer safe for habitation. Our forest have been overtaken by different terrorist groups. We thought we were looking for a way out of the pit of insecurity during Goodluck’s era, only to find ourselves in the lagoon of insecurity in this current Governments. At least during Goodluck era, we all knew the terrorist activities were limited to some few states in north east. Today, everywhere in the country, from north to south, to north central down to the south east, terrorist are almost over powering our security agencies in this country. Terrorist are now collecting tax from our farmers. People are now paying heavy ransom just to save the lives of their loves once from the hands of kidnappers. Our situation in this country is that of a man who chased away his wife just because she always gives birth to girls, only to replace her with another woman who does not have a womb.

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If care is not taken I see a replica of what is happening in Nigerian taking place in the USA. I see Americans going through what we are currently experiencing right now in Nigeria. I see them going through the same calamity that has befallen us in this country. I see them facing serious suffering and deadly challenges both in the area of security, economy, entertainment and tourism.

The political elite in this country created Boko haram to make us believe that Goodluck Jonathan was too weak, slow, dumb, dull and incapable to rule. Few years down the line, Boko haram is almost over running the entire nation, from the north to the south no one is safe any more. Now, they created covid 19 and black lives matter movement just to discredit Donald Trump, to make the gullible American voters see him as a racist, as a weak president who cannot handle the pandemic. Remember that neither Goodluck Jonathan nor President Trump created boko Haram and Covid 19 respectively. They coincidentally happened to be in power to face a new challenge that had never been faced by any of their predecessors. So, why should they even be judged for handling the situation the best way they could? If those telling you to vote them in before they would proffer solutions to the present reality, wholeheartedly love the country, must they be in power to solve a national problem?

They fabricated cheap political lies against Donald Trump to spoil his good image and they use the power of the Madia, which is usually under their control to project him to the docile masses as the worst, un sympathetic , un patriotic , racist President ever in American history. They shrewdly used the media to tarnish his image and the American voters bought the lies by voting BIDEN into power just like we voted Buhari in 2015. You see, the biggest problem is not the elites or their evil agendas, but the masses who do not think. The voters who cannot look beyond the surface. The senseless people who consume everything they see on CNN hook line and sinker. They don’t take their times to think, to ask the question, why? They end up being the once who would suffer the impending doom about to befall the great Nation call America. Am just waiting in my little room, enjoying my chilled drink because I no that before 2021 runs out, Americans will see their ears without a mirror – they will regret voting BIDEN into power. They would beg to have Trump back, just like we are begging to have Good luck back. But then, it will be too late. America, get ready for pain, real pain that would make September 11 looks like a child’s play. I am not a prophet of doom ooo, just a student of international relations.

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