Almakura: When God Fight For His Anointed By Muazu Abari

Charity begins at home those who failed to learnt from the lessons of history for selfish political interest are bound to be doom as leopard can never changed its spot and charecter is like a pregnancy no matter how hard you tried to hide it away especially from those who dont know your history and antecedents it will surely come out sooner than later it is just a matter of time the cock will come home to roost.

it is in view of this reality that Theodor mommsen one of the greatest phylosopher said that”History has a nemesis for every sin”while on his part,Raxone Gay asserted that”Nemesis arent born,they are made” and at the other hand,Phillip k.Dick added that”No man is infinitely strong for every creature that runs,flies,and crawl,there is terminal nemesis which he will not circumvent”

Wherever sen.Umaru Tanko Almakura the architect of modern Nasarawa state and the annointing child of God he is today,he must have been living as a happy and fulfilled man despite betrayals from the powers that be watching from the distance how God is fighting for him putting his detractors to shame and vindicating those who stood by him through thin and thick in his quest to salvage APC because they know that he is a good man that would have change the party for good the way he turned Nasarawa into a model of good governance and infrastructural development in Nigeria.

Today he is having the best laugh as God is not only exposing the leadership incompetent of his detractors who plotted against him but also turned their conspiracy against him to a blessing in disguise as they never succeeded in their selfish agenda to stopped Bola Ahmed Tinubu who they believed is Almakura prefared candidate from emerging as APC presidential flagbearer for 2023 whose chances they felt will be more brightened if Almakura emerged as the party National chairman hence their decision to conspired against him.

What they did not know about sardaunan kwandare is that he is a man of proven intergrity ,honour and dignity who believed in justice and fair play and who never allowed personal friendship or relationship to beclouded his eyes and determined his course of actions on public matters even when he is given the discription to take such actions as examplified in all his public life especially when he held sway as Nasarawa Governor from 2011 to 2019 where he proved himself in governance,politics and services to humanity.

it was this sence of justice and the need to ensure equity and fairness in the politics of Nasarawa state that make him to look beyond his own political circle and go to Nasarawa North which never produced governor in the state to choosed Gov.Abdullahi sule who is not in his own political school as his prefared successor and worked assidously to delivered him at the expence of other contestants mostly his close political associates to the disbelieved of many people in the state who expected him to bring one of his closed confident as his successor.

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Despite God decision to take over his battle which ordinarily should have make him happy Almakura who never abhor vindictiveness in his politics and in his charecteristic manner of paying evil with good is still wearing a gloomy heart seeing how a party they found sacrificed their time,energies and resources to bring it to life,nurtured and make it acceptable brand to Nigerians within shortest time and take over the reign of government from the then ruling party is being brought down to its knees by those who never know the pains of its birth.

Prior to recent imposition that took place in the name of APC National convention where all manners of charecters were imposed as party National leaders hidden under the canopy of consensus so many founding members of the party who participated in all the formation processes that gave birth to the party have indicated interest to lead the party as National chairman which includes sen.Umaru Tanko Almakura ,sen.George Akume ,Alh.mustapha salihu,sen.sani musa among others.

Their decision to contest was borned out of patrotic desire to salvage the party out of its dwindling fortune amids continuous lost of Hopes by Nigerians with Almakura standing toll among all the contenders as the most popular and acceptable candidate whose sacrifices, commitments and immense contributions to the successes of the party can only be imagined rather than described with his candidature moving in high speed and spreading like wildfire across the country in the hearts of party members,delegates and stakeholder’s.

But unfortunately some retrogressive elements who did not wish the party well and felt threatened with his growing popularity knowing too well that if the election is allowed to hold he will emerged victorious and who have since constituted themselves into cabals keep on frustrating the election and subsequently decided to dragged sen.Abdullahi Adamu who have an axe to grid with Almakura who he see as a serious threat to his diminshing political fortunes and relevance in Nasarawa politics into the race with a singular mission to scuttled Almakura chances.

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Their mission was not actually to test their popularity but only wanted to be imposed on the party and so many people of good will repeatedly warned against Adamu imposition which they know will spell doom and disaster to the party and its future taking into consideration his anti democratic postures and antecedents especially when he served as governor from 1999 to 2007where president Muhammadu Buhari himself then of the ANPP was a victim of his political unslaught and intolerance.

But their wise counsels was ignored by powers that be as the cabals succeeded to secured presidential endorcement for him leading to his imposition as APC National chairman to the disappointments of so many party members,delegates and stakeholder’s who were denied the opportunity to elect their party leaders in a free and fair election but rather through selection against their own wishes for selfish political interest.

In less than 3 months of his selection the party is fastly falling apart due to his decision to turned himself into a sole administrator rather than a National chairman of the ruling party taking unpopular and unilateral decision without recourse to other members of the party National working committe turning the party into a one man show and ruling it according to his whims and caprices in gross violation of the party constitution.

To further worsened the party situation he continued to pilot the affairs of the party with high level of dictatorship ,high handedness and anti democratic actions and utterences which continued to caused the party its fortunes leaving some courageous member’s of the party National working committe to call the bluff off him and draw the presidency and other party organs attention on his anti democratic posture and the need to call him to order before he finally nails the coffins of the party ahead of 2023.

At a time when most Nigerians expected his leadership to give the party a new sence of direction inline with president Muhammadu Buhari promised to bequeath a legacy of credible elections to Nigerians what Nigerians witnessed in just few weeks of his imposition was monetisation of the party nomination process whose forms was jacked upward to an exorbitant amount making it the most expensive in the history of democrary any where in the world which completely edged out majority people from participating in favour of money bags politicians.

Within just few months of his emergenced the internal wranglings in the party continued to moved from bad to worst leading to massive defections of high ranking politicians,elected representatives from state Assemby to reps and senetors among other politicians of substance mostly as a result of injustice,unfairness and illigal doctoring of delegates lists used in the recent congresses of the party where genuine delegates were removed from the backdoor and replaced with surrogates to favour some annointed candidates and stop others seen as enemies while in some instances,even those who won the primaries were replaced with those who did not even participated in the primaries.

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His own state of Nasarawa and his senetorial district of western zone was also not spared from his political venom as delegates lists in 8 out of the 13 local governments in the State was doctored from the backdoor leading to high profile defections of so many high ranking politicians,serving senetors,House of reps and Assembly member’s among other astute politicians to the opposition parties especially the social Democratic party (SDP)which continued to make bumper harvest of these defected politicians and thousands of their supporters.

While others who choosed to remain and fight with in have since take the party to court demanding for justice and total cancellations of the so-called primaries and in some instances demanding for disqualification of the imposed candidates and this is not only limited to Nasarawa state alone but other states in the country.

The failed attempt by the party National chairman to single handedly without consultations and the president approval come out boldly to lied against the president to feather his own political nest by announcing the sen.President sen.Ahmed lawal as the consensus presidential flagbearer of APC in 2023 which was punctured by the presidency which debunked such claimed and urged all the contestants to test their popularity leading to massive calls for the removal or designation of Adamu speaks volumes on the calamitious situation the party found itself today.

Even some of those who have participatrd in imposing this leadership on the party are today regretting their action as the party continued to fall apart to the abyss as Almakura popularity and intergrity continued to sour higher and higher blossoming by the day as God decided to stand with his annointing (Almakura)which would have been the best thing that has ever happened to APC in Nigeria.No wonder some people said”every disappointment is a blessing” not becoming APC National chairman is a blessing to him but a lost to the party.

The question in the lips of most people today is that who will safe APC in 2023? Only God can.

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