Adamawa: Haske Foundation Distributes Palliatives, Targets More Communities

The AB Haske Foundation, a foremost humanitarian and philanthropic organization, has distributed food and other items as part of palliatives to provide succour to the needy and vulnerable in about 21 Local Government Areas in Adamawa State.

The gesture is in line with the series of interventions mapped out by the AB Haske Foundation to ameliorate the hardship that people go through especially at this time of lockdown brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The distribution of the palliatives commenced in Adamawa South Senatorial District with Local Governments such as Mayo-Belwa, Jada, Ganye and Toungo being the first to get the intervention.

A statement by the AB Haske Foundation, issued by the Director General, Chaise Bansi, noted that a total number of 21 Local Government Areas have been covered so far in less than one week.

The Director General of the AB Haske Foundation, Chaise Bansi, had in his address at the flag- off of the distribution, said a total number of 14,000 vulnerable persons across the state were targeted.

Bansi, who represented the founder and the chairman of the foundation, the Ciroman Ganye, Alhaji Abdullahi Bashir, said they would continue to do more for the society to bring succour to the needy, noting that they target other places after Adamawa for such interventions.

“We have studied the situation and found out that with the issue of coronavirus, our people are in need and are experiencing hardship. This is why in addition to our normal interventions, the founder decided to support the vulnerable,” he said.

Some of the people provided with the palliatives included the physically-challenged, widows, orphans and other vulnerable persons. The beneficiaries expressed appreciation that the foundation has come to their aid at this critical moment, praying for God Almighty to continue to provide for them to do more.

In Toungo, the coordinator of the AB Haske Foundation in the Local Government, Hamman Adama Baba Soba, noted that all the items provided would be judiciously distributed among the targeted beneficiaries.

The gesture attracted the commendation of the district head of Kiri in Toungo Local Government, Musa Gindau, who said in his 22 years as the district head, this was the first time such a gesture was extended to his people.

He said: “We have never seen such a thing. We are happy and we will remained grateful. We pray for the person who has done this for our people.”

The foundation also received commendations and praises from other beneficiaries in all the local governments covered so far.

The AB Haske Foundation has been in the forefront of providing succour to and supporting the indigent people of Adamawa State in their different localities, which include award of scholarships to children of the needy, construction of boreholes in communities in need, among other intervention

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