A Word For Greedy Vampires In North

By Nasiru Jagaba

This message is for you, Corrupt Northern leaders irrespective of your tribe or religion. You used religion and keep the masses million miles from the reality, but here comes the hour of swift divine retribution.

What is happening in the South and West is on its way to the North. So you think you you have found a solution by employing thugs to attack and disrupt peaceful protests? You pretend not know that the protesters are exercising their fundamental human rights; but that’s just an illusion. The same thugs you are using would soon turn against you. What happened to Tinubu, is a child’s play compared to what awaits you vampires in the North. The blood of innocent men, women, and children had provoked God’s judgement on you.

At least, the Southern leaders have relatively developed their regions economically, socially and educationally, unlike you Northern rulers.

North produced 8 presidents of the 13 presidents that Nigeria have had, but you wasted all your opportunities. You care for no one except yourselves, family, and friends. You own the major oil wells and have siphoned billions of dollars meant for national development and hid them in fraudulent bank accounts, home and abroad, while millions are languishing in penury and poverty.

Imagine how wicked our leaders are, despite the hunger, hardship, and rising prices of food stuff in Nigeria, they hid palliatives meant for the public against 2023 elections. You only ‘Lords of Flies’. While the masses are queuing to receive cups of rice, you there burying and hiding billions dollars. You denied the masses quality education and sent your children abroad to school. Masses are dying on a daily basis because you stole the money that is meant for quality health care. You deliberately refused to give bright future to millions of Almajiris roaming the streets.

You should know that durable peace can never be achieved in Nigeria as long there’s injustice, oppression, and economic distress. No Nation enjoys a long lasting peace until Human Rights are guaranteed to all without regard to tribe or religion. There can never be peace in any political society where there is first class and second class citizen. You should know that your greed has created a monster that may likely consume you.

Revolution is taking place in the realm of the spirit and it must manifest in the physical realm soon.
The King of kings who enthrones and dethrones Has stepped into the Nigerian matter. He hates injustice.

The Almajirai you refused to better their lives and the bandits you are using for your selfish end, would soon come after you. There will be no hiding place for you and your family. Even if you run out of the country, patriotic Nigerians would be there waiting for you to land, you greedy vampires.

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