As we celebrate Nigeria 60th independence anniversary

Let’s ask ourselves this question; Is this an anniversary of independence or in dependence coated with adversary

The blunt truth is that Nigeria @ 60 is no more the giant of Africa
Why do we need to apply unnecessary makeover?

Pretending our place of prominence has not been taken over
Let’s face reality and remove the detestable toga

To show we are nothing but in grasp for breath
Pray the worst time in Nigeria is what we see about

The dews are falling with fire from the centre
Every Nigerians are beating it harder to ensure we get the shape

The slave master handled us over to indigenous oppressors to ensure we don’t recover from the stab

We have the freedom to live but we like a caged ape
Struggling in adversity to brush through the comb

Just like weight without force will never pull down the knob
What have we done to drink from the dreg of the wrath cup

Is there a country Nigeria?
Or just a geographical area?

What a jungle of political hyena’s!!!!!!!!!!!

Where politicians stands at the goal post to ensure only their wish and what they want is secure
Unlike Pepe Reina, Manual Nuer and Allyson Beka
Alas! Alas!! Alas!!! What a 60th year of political propaganda

More than two-third wasted by military coup d’état and political gangsters
What a democracy set up with military constitution and officers

…………..Two contracting and antagonizing selection
We think we have a Saviour the last time we met at the poll

Hardly, do we know that our decision was just some steps in doom
Do you think we are celebrating incompetence with jubilation?

Though all problems are not to be traced to human decision
We have an attainable and obtainable solution

But our brothers we never allow such liberation
What do we gain to lose the so called Nigeria than to quickly key to restructuring

Why must the sweat of one be a sweet for some to lick?
Is there a country a Nigeria?
Or just a geographical area?


Nigeria unlike Serie A, La liga, and Bundesliga whose each clubs are rewarded in order of individual performance not one at the detriment of another

Massacre and martyring everywhere as if there is no Commander-in-Charge
We demand a better geographical area named by Flora called Nigeria

China, Brazil, Indonesia and Ghana our independence mate are far beyond our gaze and face
@60 some set of state still don’t pay electricity bills

The electricity tariff hike to burden who?
Why must we adopt a system that does not reflect our reality?

Why must we stick to parasitic system of governance
Why must the power be concentrated at the centre

Why can’t we just adopt through Federalism
Why can’t we just start democracy and neglect crazy demo

Why can’t we restructure amicably and peaceably
Why do we need sword, sickle and rifle to settle

@60 ethnic bias in Agricultural development scheme just to ensure some set of people are punished

@60 we still prefer election to public welfares and quality education
Why this Ethnocentric leaders

Despite all this summon and believe to make something good out of this rugged cross NIGERIA
If God can: Please bless Nigeria

A time will come when intentions will meet preventions
And we either breakthrough or breakdown

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