A lantern could be foreseen from different perspective of Life
It’s found relevance in political, socio-cultural, and spiritual facet
You must have seen an old lamp or a lantern?
The activities and obligations of this object worth ruminating on

Our scope shall be limited to Socio-cultural and spiritual view

From the socio-cultural perspective

Sometimes in life what life protrudes to you could be unsearchable, knotty, unlosable, unimaginable and mysterious

This assert the reason why life is LIFE (Lot Included For Experience)

A lamp or lantern truly lighten anywhere it’s placed

But the bottom side of lamp or lantern has always been void of light

Even a two-projection lamp does not have all it’s body full of light

Hmmmmmmmmmmm A Latern
You would have seen a Minister of God that preaches Holiness
But his children are perfect example of something worse than waywardness

An academic Professor that teaches and mentors a student to excel
But his own child is dull than a dullard

Broadcasters whose programs and presentations teaches morals
But there private life is nothing to write home about

A public figure whose life is a source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement

But his personal life is dying and dry of such good qualities

A personality may be a source of joy to others
But their personal world is void of Joy

Some are embodied with the grace to teach others to do what is right
But their personal life is moving in relative and opposite direction

Some will write for others to pass
But fail woefully when it’s time to write for their personal self
From a spiritual and sacred perspective

Some may serve as a pointer and indicator to the kingdom
But their personal life is far from the throne

Do not meddle or interchange a Lantern lifestyle for pretense or rascality
It’s more of metaphysical and transcendental than intentional
May almighty never inflict me with being a lantern because it is never the best form of life

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