A Crest-Falling Victory

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

Only God can rescue Edo,
Not even the three black men
That has been fronting the ship
For years without reasonable changes.

Only God can rescue Edo,
Not one man claiming to be a apastor
That always make good friendship
With the known perfect failure.

Only God can rescue Edo,
Not even the suspend chairman of
That ruling party that ruins with lies
To deceive the lineage of Iyore.

Only God can rescue Edo,
Not even the man that slept in APC
And to wake up in PDP’s rest room;
The gamers and running ruiners.

Only God can rescue Edo,
Political lies here and there,
Everywhere, Like the August rain,
Very tricky like the August visitor.

Happiness is faraway
From where peace is not found,
Government of just four years,
Can liberate to revolution in Edo.

Good name is a worth than that of gold,
The political friendship together
With political foes are noble games,
But certainly very wrong in nature
If it fails to yield political Development.

Let us all remember in our skull that
‘History is the rightfully father to story’.

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