A Better Nigeria

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

After PMB what next?
A reality dream for a sickle cell
From Ìrágbìjí for ruling and conquering.
Nigerians please don’t fall asleep imitating lagosians.

After PMB what next?
The artificial distributor of powers
In lagos is generating ‘current-failure’
Two hundred million lives with fixed brains need resurrection.

After PMB what next?
One black-giant condemns fuel-subsidy
To endorse recession and inexplicable,
The Wa-Zo-Bia had ceased to bear the name ‘giant of Africa’ as known.

After PMB what next?
Resolution to default obligation
Declaration of Tyrannical dominace,
Angel clothing evil in disguising; art of politicking.

After PMB what next?
Soldout sedative for lagosian
Catnapping other thirty-six nations,
Nigerians deserve best alternative to laxity.

Who can save my nation?
A rise to numerous gladiator,
Collection of creative eleminator,
Creator of dubious terminator.

Seeing myself as anoble Nigerian,
Then, my future always tears my eyes.

Revolution now! To liberate a better Nigeria.


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